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Science and art theatrical production ignites awareness of marine conservation


LIBERTY — With catchy musical numbers, colorful sets and characters, and interactive marine exhibits following the show, Something Very Fishy is an educational family-friendly event that demonstrates the importance of protecting our oceans and keeping them clean for all oceanic life and the overall health of our planet.

The show is playing at the Pickens County Performing Arts Center at 10:00 a.m. on Saturday, Feb. 29.  Tickets can be purchased at PCPAC.

Something Very Fishy follows the lives of Sandy Carson, a young science major conducting coral transplanting research, and Mr. Stu Pidder, a local fisherman just trying to get by. Below the surface, Boss the Great White Shark and his friends are wondering why marine life is disappearing and curious objects keep arriving.

Childress with students and marine exhibits
Following the one-hour musical, audience members can experience marine exhibits like live animal touch tanks and interact with Clemson Creative Inquiry students who will share stories of their research in the Florida Keys with advisor Michael Childress (right).

After the one-hour show, audience members can experience marine exhibits like live animal touch tanks, do a virtual dive to a coral reef, and simulate coral transplantation. They can interact with Clemson University Creative Inquiry students who will share stories of their research adventures in the Florida Keys. They can also meet biological sciences associate professor Michael Childress, whose research focuses on understanding the impact of habitat loss on the conservation of marine communities.

This is the second year of Something Very Fishy, which entertained more than 2,000 students, teachers, and families last year. This year’s show will emphasize climate change, how and why the planet is getting warmer, and Ocean Literacy Principles. The message that the show gets across to students and its viewers is that the ocean and humans are inextricably interconnected. The show provides students with an opportunity to be a part of the marine conservation adventure and solution.

The performance and exhibit are a collaboration of Clemson University’s College of Science, the Department of Biological Sciences, and Educational Entertainment LLC with funding provided by CU Creative Inquiry, SC Arts Commission, and SC SeaGrant.

Something Very Fishy is an experience you, your family and friends do not want to miss. Let’s do our part by learning more about how we can work together and keep the oceans clean and safe. Buy your tickets and join us for the show.

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