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The College of Agriculture, Forestry and Life Sciences' faculty provide unified education, research and public service in the grand challenges of global food supply and safety, human and animal nutrition, agricultural systems efficiency, environmental conservation, sustainable packaging and renewable resources.

Woman in orange shirt and purple cardigan standing in front of brick wall outside, smiling

Kimberly Baker

Whether it’s food safety, shelf stability or the creation of nutrition fact panels, Baker’s expertise in food science, nutrition and the culinary arts addresses food safety from a unique scientific and health-conscious perspective – without sacrificing flavor.

A man, Kendall Kirk, standing with his arms crossed, smiling, wearing work pants and a button-down shirt. A college building is in the background and features large rock blocks on the right side and a wall og glass windows and metal beams on the other.

Kendall Kirk

Agricultural research and technological advances can mean the difference between success and failure for farms, both new and established. Kirk’s research aids farmers by building tools to assist them in working smarter, not harder. His work in precision ag seeks to develop methods and technologies to increase farm efficiency and productivity utilizing a host of technology.

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Stephen Kresovich

Genetic diversity of crops can aid food security, improve human health and provide cropping systems sustainability. By exploring genetics, Kresovich seeks to understand how traits impact plants’ resilience and nutrition to advance agriculture.