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Dustin Albright

As a founding member of Clemson University’s Wood Utilization + Design Institute, Albright’s work contributes to wood-based construction materials’ design advancements. His research focuses on different applications of prefabricated light-framing and mass timber systems, including those with cross-laminated timber.

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Amy Apon

A leader in her field, Apon explores the performance, improvement and evaluation of parallel and distributed systems, and utilizes various cloud-computing architectures in order to solve important scientific and industry-related problems.

Scott Baier

Every year, the White House releases an economic report. If you look in the chapter on international trade, Scott Baier and his co-author’s information can usually be found there. Baier is a nationally recognized thought leader in economics whose research consistently has a real-world impact on trade policy.

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Kimberly Baker

Whether it’s food safety, shelf stability or the creation of nutrition fact panels, Baker’s expertise in food science, nutrition and the culinary arts addresses food safety from a unique scientific and health-conscious perspective – without sacrificing flavor.

John Ballato

Optical fibers are used in a growing range of applications central to modern life from communications, defense and medicine. Ballato has spent his career researching fiber optic development by looking at materials and how they influence light.

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Eric Benson

While many insects are beneficial, they’re typically not wanted anywhere you commonly frequent. At Clemson, Benson has dedicated his life to figuring out how to control these unwelcome intruders, studying the insects invading the places we live, work and play.

Johnell Brooks

Vehicle design is more than engines, electronics and aesthetics — for Johnell Brooks, it’s also about crafting the interaction among drivers, passengers, vehicles and environments for safer, accessible and enjoyable travel. Brooks’s research focuses on designing vehicles and transportation systems with the human experience in mind.

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Neil Burton

By keeping his finger on the pulse of national and global job markets and the professional aspirations of today’s college students, Neil Burton equipped his team to deliver the best career services in the nation through helping Clemson students achieve their goals after graduation.

David Clayton

With experience in higher ed., industry and public service, Clayton can speak to trends in advanced STEM education, economic and workforce development. His work spans public-private partnership development, corporate engagement, business development, market research, financial services, transportation and nuclear engineering.

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David Coyle

As a recognized expert in forest health and a wide range of invasive species, David Coyle examines nonnative fauna and flora and teaches both professionals and the public management or eradication strategies for these pests.

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Delphine Dean

Dean works to impact health care through basic and applied science. She has established Clemson’s first high-complexity CLIA-certified clinical diagnostics lab on campus, which can run up to 9,000 COVID PCR saliva-based tests per day.

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Andrea Feeser

Feeser’s research into the histories of place and community with respect to intertwined cultures and environments has had global impact, redefining perceptions from the tourism industry in Hawaii to colonial indigo production and use in the American South.

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Jorge Luis García

Economic policies can have long-term, unintended consequences, especially in labor and development. Jorge Luis Garcia examines economic policies and why the labor market locates talent the way it does, focusing on women in developing countries, along with working and single mothers and early childhood education in the United States.

A smiling woman in a dress suit, sitting in a wood chair, one arm leaning on the arm of her chair and the other in her lap, behind her are plants. She, dean Hossfeld, is an expert in food insecurity.

Leslie Hossfeld

In understanding the importance that hunger and nutrition play in human health, rural sociologist Leslie Hossfeld has dedicated her career to facilitating change and creating access to one of the world’s most basic needs: food.

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Jason Hurdich

Jason Hurdich reaches thousands of people daily across various social media platforms. His mission is to enlighten the public about the vibrant Deaf culture. At Clemson, he excels as a lecturer in teaching about American Deaf Culture and American Sign Language (ASL) to his students. Hurdich is a Deaf native ASL signer.

Faiza Jamil

Faiza Jamil’s research focuses on the underlying reasons for teacher behavior and career decisions as well as how student-teacher interactions influence a child’s learning and development. Her experience studying real-world examples of schools and teachers in crisis allows her to shed light on what makes a resilient school that can provide equitable and safe education amid economic or social disruption.

Mark Johnson

Mark Johnson

Technology is changing how the world does business, and manufacturing is no exception. Johnson stays ahead of trends through research on topics ranging from robotics and virtual reality to artificial intelligence and lightweight materials.

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Shontavia Johnson

An expert in digital brand building, intellectual property law and entrepreneurship, Johnson is a recognized leader throughout the country. She has led national discussions about the science of going viral, digital literacy, patents and Black inventors.

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Roy Jones

The visionary behind Call Me MISTER®, Jones has grown the program into a nationally renowned model. Today it serves more than 33 colleges and universities across 10 states and has more than 600 program participants driving change in the classroom.

An Indian woman wearing a suit is smiling and crossing her arms. She is standing outside in front of a building that is a medical facility. It has a row of gabled accents on the facade, with windows, ground-level to the three-story roofline, which is flat with a few cylinder units on top of the roof.

Anjali Joseph

Joseph focuses on how the design of the physical health care environment impacts the health, well-being and safety of occupants and supports doctors, nurses and other health care providers as they provide patients with safe and comfortable care.

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Kendall Kirk

Agricultural research and technological advances can mean the difference between success and failure for farms, both new and established. Kirk’s research aids farmers by building tools to assist them in working smarter, not harder. His work in precision ag seeks to develop methods and technologies to increase farm efficiency and productivity utilizing a host of technology.

Robin Kowalski

Social media, gaming and other online communications have benefits, but when these platforms are used to bully others, people young and old can feel they are unable to escape bullying behavior. Kowalski studies how bullying and cyberbullying overlap, what motivates this behavior and what parents and educators can do to mitigate the negative effects of bullying and cyberbullying.

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Stephen Kresovich

Genetic diversity of crops can aid food security, improve human health and provide cropping systems sustainability. By exploring genetics, Kresovich seeks to understand how traits impact plants’ resilience and nutrition to advance agriculture.

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Patricia Layton

Pat Layton, forestry professor and WU+D director, explores mass timber construction, especially utilizing Southern yellow pine cross-laminated timber. She’s been central in policy creation and the development of several high-profile mass timber buildings in South Carolina.

Susan Limber

As a developmental psychologist with a masters in legal studies, Limber’s research and writing focuses on psychological and legal issues related to bullying among children, as well as youth participation and children’s rights.

Darren Linvill

An internationally recognized leader in the social media forensics and data monitoring field, Linvill identifies inauthentic behavior produced by troll farms and the propagation of misinformation and disinformation intended to persuade the public.

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Trudy Mackay

Mackay is one of the world’s leading authorities on the genetics of complex traits, a field of study that leads to cures for terminal illness in children, preserving the health of the elderly and restoring the health of people with drug addictions.

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Ken Marcus

With more than a dozen patents, Marcus is world-renowned in the fields of physics, chemistry and spectroscopy, and his discoveries have fueled innovations in health care, national defense, advanced materials and other industries.

Steven Marks

As the founding dean of Clemson’s College of Veterinary Medicine, Dr. Marks is leading the effort to increase the number of veterinary clinicians and scientists to positively impact people and animals in South Carolina and beyond. His expertise is in general veterinary topics, small animal internal medicine and small animal emergency medicine.

Laine Mears

With nearly three decades of experience in education and industry, Laine Mears’s work spans advanced controls for manufacturing, assembly processes, human-machine interaction, Industry 4.0 and national advanced manufacturing trends.

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Hala Nassar

Landscape architecture plays a pivotal role in the evolution of cultures, societies and the environment, especially in times of crises like a pandemic. Nassar’s understanding of landscape architecture and its effect on civilization spans history and the globe.

Chad Navis

Navis explores stakeholder mobilization, emphasizing how an entrepreneur’s language and behaviors shape stakeholders’ reactions. He also examines how processes and results are altered when entrepreneurs exhibit overconfidence and narcissism.

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Thomas O’Halloran

O’Halloran measures the emissions of gases like methane, carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide released by soil, and the exchange of carbon, water and energy between the Earth’s surface and the atmosphere. He’s also helped create a global map measuring the cooling effect forests have.

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Dustin Read

Dustin Read’s research on issues such as adequate public facilities ordinances, inclusionary housing policies, form-based zoning and the fiscal impact analysis has afforded him opportunities to consult with cities large and small across the Carolinas, while his work in the area of real estate asset management has encouraged both for-profit and non-profit companies to call on him for his expertise.

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Jennifer Siemens

Siemens helps marketers and consumer advocates understand consumer experiences during major life transitions, how consumers might be vulnerable and what resources can be provided to help them. With an understanding of consumer behavior, her research benefits consumer welfare and quality of life as it relates to consumption.

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