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Approximately 12 million individuals in the United States — around 3.7% of the population — identify as deaf or experience significant hearing challenges, according to the 2022 findings of the American Community Survey. Jason Hurdich reaches thousands of people daily across various social media platforms. His mission is to enlighten the public about the vibrant ASL community and its culture. At Clemson, he excels as a senior lecturer in teaching about American Deaf Culture and American Sign Language (ASL) to his students. Hurdich is a Deaf native ASL signer.


Jason Hurdich, a Certified Deaf Interpreter with over 20 years of experience, has played a pivotal role in enhancing students’ ASL skills and promoting accessibility and Deaf culture on Clemson University’s main campus. His expertise was evident to many across the state when he interpreted former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley’s emergency preparedness briefings on Hurricane Matthew in 2016. He also served as an interpreter for the City of Greenville during the press conferences early in the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, further solidifying his reputation as a Certified Deaf Interpreter.

Beyond the classroom, Hurdich has worked as a researcher in advocating for improved STEM and literacy knowledge among Deaf and hard-of-hearing students through federal and state grants. He serves as the Secretary of the Board of Directors for the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf and is an advisor to the campus ASL Club.

His social media content shares uplifting messages while also refuting misinformation about the Deaf community and ASL. Hurdich was recognized as the 2017 Marie Griffin Interpreter of the Year and named the 2021 Palmetto Goodwill State Champion.

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ASL transcends language; it’s essential for human connection. Academically, it fosters bilingual and bicultural scholars. Welcoming the Deaf community enhances society, with ASL intertwining this richness into our existence. Even a small ASL gesture can significantly uplift a Deaf person’s societal experience.

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    • Deaf native American Sign Language (ASL) signer
    • American Deaf Culture
    • Signed Language Interpreting
    • Researcher
    • Social media content creator

    Degrees, Institutions

    • M.Ed. in Signed Language Interpretation, University of North Florida
    • B.A. in political science, Boston University