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Kimberly Baker comes to work every day with food on the brain. Whether it’s food safety, shelf stability or the creation of nutrition fact panels, Baker’s expertise in food science, nutrition and the culinary arts addresses food safety from a unique scientific and health-conscious perspective – without sacrificing flavor. Her work includes establishing the Food2Market program and teaching all aspects of food safety, working with food entrepreneurs, small and large manufacturers, organizations, consumers, farmers and both state and national entities.


As a registered and licensed dietitian with a culinary degree, Baker is focused on developing solutions for specific food and nutrition problems and situations, working with entities such as the Department of Health and Environmental Control, Department of Agriculture and various organizations across South Carolina and the United States.

Having developed the University’s Food2Market program, her expertise guides food entrepreneurs with novel products to create goods that are safe for consumer consumption. The program covers local, state and federal regulations, along with what makes a facility approved for processing, food safety planning, food manufacturing, product testing, nutrition labeling, product packaging, documents and record keeping, traceability and recall as well as resources to assist businesses.

Joining Clemson in 2004 as a food service manager with ARAMARK (Clemson Dining Services), Baker started working with Clemson Extension as a food safety and nutrition agent in 2007 and has moved into the role of food systems and safety program team director. Additionally, she teaches individuals how to preserve food through home canning and works with individuals – and organizations – to ensure proper protocols are followed to prevent foodborne illnesses, whether someone is cooking and serving a mass meal or selling one for a fundraiser, peddling items at a local farmers market or distributing a product at retail through grocery stores.

Baker has organized and conducted numerous workshops and presentations on a variety of topics. Her in-depth understanding of food science has not only established controls and regulation of food for human consumption but also for pet food and animal feed. Keeping pet, livestock and poultry feed from becoming contaminated by foodborne pathogens also protects a child who accidently ingests pet food from becoming sick due to salmonella and other bacteria.

Before joining Clemson, Baker worked as a registered dietitian and food service manager at The Citadel military college in Charleston, South Carolina, cooking large quantities of food for 2,000 cadets and creating specialized meals for those with special dietary needs. As a student, she worked with a local Country Club during school, along with a bar and grill for food service experience.

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It’s not all about me. It’s about my team and me and how we are able to reach and impact the entire state of South Carolina and beyond. I want to see everyone stay safe with their food, make sure it’s tasty and make sure it’s healthy – no matter what level they’re at. I’m their food safety champion.

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    • Dietetics and nutrition
    • Food science and culinary arts
    • Food safety and regulations
    • Food preservation

    Degrees, Institutions

    • Ph.D. food technology, Clemson University
    • M.S. food and nutrition, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
    • B.S. dietetics, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
    • A.A.S. culinary arts, Johnson & Wales University