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1,200+ faculty, staff celebrated during state-wide employee appreciation luncheons  


“These luncheons serve as our way of saying, “Thank you!” to our Clemson Family.”  

Carsyn Leigh Barbary, human resources coordinator, had worked at Clemson for just a few months when she attended her first appreciation luncheon. A year later, she helped run the show, planning and coordinating events across the state for more than 1,200 employees.  

“We want to make sure all Clemson University employees feel recognized and appreciated for their daily work,” said Barbary. “It is great to see employees from all across the University come together to enjoy good food and company!”  

The Tiger poses with a man wearing a purple shirt and baseball hat and a woman wearing an orange polo shirt and holding a clipboard.
Carysn Leigh Barbary (right) and Glenn Spake (middle) pose with the Tiger (left) at the on-campus appreciation luncheon.

This year, the University hosted eight employee appreciation luncheons across the state. The Office of Human Resources coordinated with leadership at research and education centers and innovation campuses.  

Caliyah Parker, OHR’s events coordinator, enjoyed seeing the event grow this year, encompassing employees across South Carolina.  

“Hosting appreciation events across the state allows our extension campus employees to feel the Clemson love and stay engaged, even when they cannot attend main campus events,” said Parker. “Every employee should feel seen and appreciated, and we in HR are glad to help facilitate that!”  

A woman wearing an orange apron serves barbecue to a man in a long-sleeve grey shirt.
Associate Vice President Tracy Arwood (left) and Dean Wendy York (middle) were among several Executive Leadership Team members to serve lunch to faculty and staff.

On the main campus – a line formed outside of the Dish at McAlister Hall at 11:15 a.m., 15 minutes before the official start of the on-campus luncheon. More than nine hundred faculty and staff members filled the dining hall, enjoying the camaraderie and company of the Clemson Family.  

Treated to a lunch of barbecue, salad, hot dogs and more, employees from almost every department on campus mingled with members of the University’s executive leadership team while dancing to music from DJ Aaron Sloan.  

The annual main campus event is hosted by the Office of Human Resources and sponsored by Clemson Home. Colleges and divisions across the University also supplied door prizes. 

You Deserve a Thank You 

At each luncheon, employees were encouraged to share messages of appreciation with colleagues. A selection of those messages are compiled below. 

To: Megan Davis 

“Thank you so much for all your help troubleshooting my onboarding tech issues. You’re the real MVP.” – Ashley Romero 

To: Morgan Pew 

“Morgan has stepped up and taken on projects for our team this year and I am so grateful to her!” – Holly Moon 

To: Ashley Jones 

“You are the best boss EVER! I love how amazingly talented and professional you always are. Keep doing great things and maybe go get that MFA!” – Photography Team 

To: Ashley 

“We’re thankful and appreciative to have you apart of “our team.” – “The Store” 

To: Kaley W. 

“It is great to have such a dedicated and tireless worker, not to mention a former tiger, join our team. You make athletic academic services a great place to work!” – JT Mellendick 

To: Shekia Thompson 

“Shekia is one of the hardest workers! She has to divide her time for multiple departments. Her work is not only mental, but physical! Her knowledge and attention to detail in each department helps LPH tremendously and I don’t know what we’d do without her!!!! She is much appreciated, and her hard work does not go unnoticed! Thank you!” – Michelle Newman