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Silva named Clemson Forages Research and Extension specialist


Liliane Silva collects forage measurements ion alfalfa-bermudagrass.
Liliane Silva, Clemson forages research and Extension specialist, collects forage measurements for alfalfa-bermudagrass.
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It’s a new year and Liliane Silva is ready to get busy as the new Clemson University forages research and Cooperative Extension Service specialist.

Liliane Silva
Liliane Silva

Silva, an assistant professor in the Clemson Animal and Veterinary Sciences Department, is located at the Edisto Research and Education Center near Blackville, South Carolina. She is trained as a forage agronomist and plans to provide research-based recommendations for improving forage production, soil fertility and profitability of livestock-forage systems.

Her research interests include forage physiology, establishment and management, nutrient cycling, multispecies forage-based systems and ecosystems services provided by grasslands. 

“I have been working with agents and producers throughout the state to create a priority list of needs, including providing recommendations for stakeholders,” Silva said. “I will be working to better understand the main challenges producers face in specific regions of the state.” 

Silva’s goals include:

  • Using new technologies to optimize production, management practices and persistence of main forages (such as tall fescue and bermudagrass) under grazing, hay production or as conserved forages.
  • Addressing improved management strategies for use of legumes, cover crops and annual summer forages to extend the grazing season and improve forage quality, and nutrient cycling (carbon sequestration and soil fertility).
  • Integrating crop-livestock systems and the use of byproducts in animal diets in order to decrease feed costs.
  • Developing Extension publications on main forage topics.
  • Promoting an open communication channel with our stakeholders and their associations and developing collaborative programming activities to help meet the needs of South Carolina residents.

“I also will be providing training for agents and producers and presenting information during field days and workshops that will be held during the spring,” she said. “My research will focus on addressing forage variety performance and working to identify improved management strategies to optimize production, quality and profitability of perennial grassland systems while aiming to improve animal performance.”

In addition to developing educational content for and participating in local, statewide, regional and national field days and meetings, Silva also plans to provide educational content for the Clemson Extension 4-H program and the Land Grant Press.

“4-H’ers are our future agricultural leaders,” Silva said. “I look forward to helping provide information and other materials for the 4-H program.”

Silva joined Clemson in October 2021 and said she looks forward to interacting with producers around the state and getting involved with local and statewide organizations. She has a doctorate in crop sciences from the University of Florida. She also has a master’s degree in pasture and animal sciences and a bachelor’s degree in agronomy, both from the University of Sao Paulo. For more information about Silva, go to


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