Sanitizing high-touch items in your office spaces


Teams from University Facilities will clean high-touch/high-traffic office and workspaces based on CDC guidelines for disinfection and Occupational and Environmental Safety (OES) protocols.

Because of the significant increase in their cleaning requirements across campus, Facilities will provide limited office space cleaning. When employees return to campus and other Clemson facilities, they will be asked to establish a cleaning protocol and to wipe down their individual office space and commonly used surfaces before and after use with products that meet the EPA’s criteria for use against COVID-19 and that are appropriate for the surface.

Below is a list of high-touch items found in office areas:

  • door handles/keypads
  • door push plates
  • furniture arms
  • light switches/controls
  • copier lid/control panel
  • counter tops
  • desktops
  • keyboard, mousepad and mouse
  • desk phone keypad and receiver
  • paper shredder control switches
  • file cabinet draw pulls
  • refrigerator door handles
  • water cooler dispenser taps
  • coffee pot handles, knobs and buttons
  • microwave door handles/controls
  • sinks and faucet handles in break rooms
  • hand sanitizer levers

For more information, refer to the Healthy Clemson. United as Tigers website and the Return to Workplace Guidance document.

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