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Quality Matters certified course available from Clemson Online


Clemson Online is proud to announce a milestone in online teaching at Clemson: the first Quality Matters certified online course at Clemson University. The course, Management Personal Computer Applications (MGT 2180) is taught by senior lecturer Ryan Toole, MBA. Quality Matters (QM) is the global leader in effective online course design. Its course design review is a comprehensive, collaborative process that helps produce rigorous online courses in keeping with Clemson’s mission as a high seminary of learning. The certification results from Toole and Clemson Online’s dedication to continuous improvement. The course will be listed in the QM directory of certified courses.

Senior Lecturer Ryan Toole is a global leader in effective online course design.

Online courses are evaluated in eight areas using the QM Rubric, from learning outcomes to accessibility. Courses that pass the review are certified by QM for their excellence in design and commitment to learner-centered teaching, and Toole’s MGT 2180 course is now one of these exemplars. While he has taught the course for several years, this was his first opportunity to submit the course for a formal review.

“Quality Matters was an incredible experience. Putting the class under a microscope by online learning professionals has created an environment that will engage the students more than ever,” Toole said. Moreover, students will participate in a high-quality learning experience, regardless of their professor. And for me, I have learned new and valuable ways to evaluate my course in the future. It’s a win-win for everyone.”

MGT 2180 first underwent an internal review conducted by Clemson Online as part of a pilot review program with the Department of Management in 2021. The internal assessment is an intensive process involving a complete review and collaboration between the instructor and online course specialists. In the case of MGT 2180, specialists at Clemson Online provided specific recommendations for improvement that Toole implemented in preparation for the official review.

“We are very thankful for Clemson Online’s review of our courses per Quality Matters standards,” Craig Wallace, Ph.D and Chair of Management, said after the pilot program.

“This process will not only help us in delivering high-quality courses to our students but also help the Wilbur O. and Ann Powers College of Business in maintaining AACSB accreditation.”

The Quality Matters team at Clemson Online manages and coordinates QM reviews and is currently reviewing courses for the Master of Wildlife and Fisheries Resources and graduate certificates in Civil Engineering. The review team comprises Assistant Director of Online Development Lori Kinley, Ph.D. and Digital Learning Strategist Sharyn Emery, Ph.D. who was the review team for MGT 2180, Digital Learning Strategist James Butler, M.A. and QM Coordinator Yamil Ruiz, MAT.

This QM partnership has been in the preparation phase for two years, and Clemson Online Director Matt Briggs, M.A., is looking forward to continued progress at Clemson.

“This achievement is the culmination of hard work from all involved, and we are excited to have Clemson’s quality online courses begin to become formally recognized. We encourage any faculty member interested in quality online teaching to reach out to us to work toward recognizing their courses with Quality Matters.”

If instructors are interested in a Quality Matters review for their course or would like to learn more about quality online instruction, visit the QM at Clemson Canvas site for more information, or contact Clemson Online.