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In-State Remote Work program renewals due by July 1; remote workers without agreements required to formally document remote work through HR 


The remote work program administration team within the Office of Human Resources is offering two reminders regarding remote work program participation. 

First, the remote work program team will soon begin the remote work program renewal process for active participants. Information regarding this process can be found in the “For Current Remote Work Program Participants” section below.  

Additionally, per the In-State Remote Work Policy, announced in October 2023, Clemson University employees working either fully remote or hybrid must have a documented Remote Work Approval through the Remote Work program.  Employees with informal arrangements are asked to formally document their remote work participation through OHR by July 1. Information on completing this documentation process can be found in the “For Individuals Working Remotely without a Documented Agreement” section below.  

For Current Remote Work Program Participants 

To facilitate an annual renewal cycle and ensure accurate reporting to the state, all current participants who joined the program before May 16, 2024, are required to renew their remote work agreements by July 1, 2024. This may result in a “short” renewal period for employees who have recently joined the program. This timeline will ensure all program participants are on the same renewal cycle.  

Program participants will receive an email notification from the Remote Work administration team with instructions for completing the renewal process. The process is also listed below. 

  • Participants will receive an email notification from Tiger Training with assigned Remote Work Renewal requirements. 
  • Review and complete the required assignments through Tiger Training by July 1, 2024.  As part of this renewal process, individuals will be required to complete an updated Remote Worker Agreement.  
  • Note: Make sure you are logged in to your Clemson Microsoft 365 account when completing this form. 
  • Once submitted, the Remote Worker Agreement Renewal Form will automatically route to your supervisor for approval.  

If you no longer wish to participate in the Clemson University Remote Work Program, please contact your supervisor to initiate a cancellation request.  Supervisors should reach out to the remote work team to begin a Remote Work cancellation request. 

For Individuals Working Remotely Without a Documented Agreement 

The remote work approval process and documentation are required by the state of South Carolina. The remote work policy lays out a clearly defined procedure for leaders, supervisors and employees, including training to be completed prior to approval for remote work.    

Individuals interested in remote work should reach out to their supervisor for area-specific guidance. While the in-state remote work policy lays the framework for the University, the decision as to if and how to implement remote work is ultimately left to divisions, colleges and departments in order to best facilitate the specific area’s business operations.  Employees in academic units should refer to the “Implementation of the University Remote Work Policy” document prepared by their college leadership.   

For more information about remote work at Clemson, please visit the Remote Work webpage.