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University Equipment Policy updated


An updated Clemson University Equipment Policy has been reviewed by the Executive Leadership Team and approved by President Clements.

The revised University Equipment Policy establishes requirements for tracking the acquisition and maintenance of University equipment in adherence to state and federal regulations. As the Fall semester brings new employees and new equipment needs to Clemson, employees should become familiar with the policy and its requirements.

All University equipment must be tracked and recorded, and unreported assets can pose serious security and financial risks to Clemson. The policy covers all University employees, including student workers, contingent workers, and contractors. The policy includes:

  • What constitutes “ownership” and transfer of University equipment
  • Who is responsible for custody and control of University equipment
  • Requirements for tracking, recording and auditing of University equipment, including the systems used
  • Insurance requirements
  • Permitted methods of acquiring and disposing of University equipment
  • Recourse for noncompliance, which can include limiting access to figure equipment acquisitions, charging the department or individual, reducing spending authority, investigations and more

A manual is also available to help employees understand and comply with the policy.