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Clemson approves new In-State Remote Work policy 


Clemson University has recently approved a new In-State Remote Work Policy for eligible Clemson University employees. The policy will take effect November 1, 2023. This policy provides a broad framework outlining the requirements and expectations for in-state remote work at Clemson University and includes guidance for managing remote work within divisions, colleges and departments.    

While the in-state remote work policy lays the framework for remote work on campus, the decision as to if and how to implement remote work is ultimately left to divisions, colleges and departments in order to best facilitate the specific area’s business operations. 

This process and documentation are required by the state of South Carolina. The policy lays out a clearly defined procedure for leaders, supervisors and employees, including training to be completed prior to approval for remote work.  

Individuals interested in remote work should reach out to their individual supervisors and area leaders for additional information on expectations, eligibility and requirements.  

Academic employees should refer to the “Implementation of the University Remote Work Policy” document prepared by their college leadership. 

Some divisions, colleges or departments may choose to delay implementation of remote work until a later date even though the policy officially takes effect November 1.  

Units may begin submitting Remote Work Plan and Request Forms on November 1, but faculty and staff cannot begin working remotely until all steps in the process are complete and eligible employees complete Remote Work Agreement Forms. 

For detailed steps on the remote work process, visit the Remote Work webpage

Employees who participated in remote work through the 2022 remote work pilot program will be grandfathered into the new policy. 

All remote work agreements are required to be renewed annually. 

Remote work is not the only flexible work arrangement available to Clemson employees. Clemson also offers flexible scheduling and compressed workweeks. More information about those arrangements can be found on the University’s Flexible Work Arrangements webpage

Questions about the remote work policy can be sent to the Remote Work Implementation Team at