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Clemson introduces revamped policy for domestic animals (pets)


It’s a common sight to see a dog or two being walked on Bowman Field and other popular main campus spots on a sunny day. With warmer temperatures right around the corner, it’s about to become even more common.

Clemson welcomes domestic animals (pets) on its campus, but has enacted a policy to ensure safety and security remain top of mind.

Pets are defined as animals maintained or brought onto University property that are not approved for education, research or agricultural purposes; identified as a service animal, service animal in training, or assistance animal by the University; or certified/approved for work on behalf of local, state or federal emergency services.

While well-behaved pets are welcome outdoors on University property, unless otherwise indicated, they are not permitted in the interior of any University facility, including campus transportation. They must be properly leashed, tagged with appropriate contact information, picked up after and be vaccinated against diseases common to the breed of animal in accordance with local, state and federal regulations.

Additionally, pets must be effectively controlled at all times to ensure they do not:

  • Interfere with or impede the work of service animals or service animals in training;
  • Post a direct threat to the health or safety of others;
  • Display aggressive behavior toward persons or other animals;
  • Disrupt a work, classroom or other educational setting;
  • Display behaviors or noises that are disruptive;
  • Block an aisle or passageway.

The full policy includes information related to associated definitions, rights and requirements, exceptions, reporting procedures and noncompliance penalties.

Please note, the policy pertaining to pets on Clemson’s facilities is not intended for owners or handlers of service animals, service animals in training, or assistance animals. Those requirements and guidelines can be accessed through the resources below.

Service and Assistance Animals on Campus

Guidelines and Operating Procedures for Service Animals in Training and Assistance Animals

• Service and Assistance Animals for Individuals with Disabilities; Service Animals in Training Policy

Office of Access Compliance and Education

Student Accessibility Services

• Office of Community and Ethical Standards