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Student Affairs Business Office recognizes division staff


Staff members attend a Student Affairs meeting in October 2018.
Staff members in Student Affairs are encouraged to find different professional development opportunities through the Tiger Training platform.

The Student Affairs Business Office (SABO) wants to begin recognizing division staff who complete optional training through Tiger Training.  These professional development opportunities may be online or in-person trainings.  Thank you to the staff and supervisors supporting their staff to enhance their knowledge and skills.

Interested in exploring the training opportunities in Tiger Training?  Here are a few of the topics waiting for you that you can enroll and take at any time:

  • Mental Health Webinar – Recognize signs of emotional distress in others
  • Supervisor Management Series -Wonderful for current and staff interested in learning supervisory skills
  • Monitoring and Giving Feedback
  • Change Management
  • Generational Awareness
  • Thriving through Conflict
  • And more!

The following are the staff members who have completed optional trainings since the beginning of the fall semester.

Deborah Allen
Jason Allen
Jewel Atkins
Stephanie Bagwell
Kit Batson
Brennan Beck
Chason Beebe
Daniel Blackwell
Travis Boiter III
Kelly Bollinger
Sandra Bradley
Alexis Bridges
Phil Brooks
Colie Burdette
Charles Burks
Christy Burton
Kristi Bussell
Kevin Christenbury
Faith Christner
Nada Clay
Laura Clay
Kayla Cleveland
Amy Cobb
Kimberly Coker
Heather Cook
James Crunkleton
Deborah Culler
Sarah Custer
William Daniel
David Dixon
Ivy Duckett
Rai Edbrooke
Melanie Gaillard
Birmagidra Gainor
Benjamin Gajdalo
Michael Galloway
Andrew Gibson
Carleton Giles
Jennifer Goree
Janet Green
Chloe Greene
Janet Greenlee
Mark Gregory
Kira Grimes
Angela Guess
Lyn Guffee
Eric Hand
Jessica Hardy
Jessica Hart
Anthony Harvey
Reginald Hawthorne
William Heatherly
Kathy Hobgood
John Holder
Eric Holder
Stephanie Holder
Lisa Holland
Georgia Jackson
Bonnie Johnson
Brazola Johnson
Jana Jordan
Kevin Kay
Shirley Kemp
Christopher Kennedy
Crystal King
Brooke Lankford
Gary Leslie
John Lewis
Maria Liebman
Donald Lloyd
Lynne Marcus
Amy Massingill
Susan Mauro
Stephanie McDowell
Randall McJunkin
Wiley McLane
Ronda McWhorter
Steven Miller
Clay Minish
Holly Moore
Lynn Moore
John Morgan
Tracey Morgan
Kristi Muscat
Brenda Nicholson
Cathy Parham
Michael Parrish
Pratixabahen Patel
Dawn Perry
Kimberly Poole
Sarah Reeves
Karen Reynolds
Trish Robinson
Raymond Rude
Jeffrey Sammons
Pamela Sanders
Theresa Singletary
Brandi Sloan
Matthew Sloop
Lorrie Smith
Daniel Starkey
Joseph Strickland
Corri Sudduth
Hollie Summey
Myles Surrett
Alberta Tate
Matthew Tegen
Jennifer Thackston
Sebastian Veneziano
Vickie Veronee
Kristin Walker
Tom Warnock
William Weeks
Vera White
Sheila Wiggins
Wanda Woolbright
Linda Yockel
Paige Zoltewicz

Core Theme: Staff Experience

SABO is offering a new opportunity for staff to share presentations and webinars they are going to present or have presented to Clemson colleagues.  Staff can utilize the newly revamped SABO website and provide information and express interest in sharing knowledge with colleagues while further developing their own knowledge and skills.

Each department’s assessment liaison will inform you of upcoming opportunities to learn together as colleagues.

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