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New well-being program available to full-time staff and graduate student employees through Tiger Training


Clemson is proud to introduce employee well-being training available through the Tiger Training platform. The program emerged from Clemson’s well-being initiative, a campuswide approach to ensuring students and employees are equipped with knowledge, skills and confidence to invest in their lifelong health.

While the program is not part of Clemson’s annual required training, it yields several benefits for employees by:

  • Establishing the University’s commitment to well-being
  • Sharing how to recognize and respond to distress in oneself and others
  • Providing resources to support employees and students

The program was developed by a cross-section of employees representing Marketing and Communications, Human Resources, Student Affairs and the Academic Success Center. Focus groups of faculty and staff were conducted over the summer to gain feedback and make adjustments to the pilot program.

Features of the new program include:

  • National and local data on mental health and well-being
  • Videos featuring several of Clemson’s well-being champions
  • Resource guides for employees assisting students
  • Free professional development resources available through Academic Impressions and Percipio

For more information on the program, take the well-being training course.