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Annual Required Training enrollment for all faculty and staff  


The Office of Human Resources will launch the 2023 annual required training courses through Tiger Training tomorrow, September 19, 2023, with a due date of November 7, 2023.  

Faculty and staff will receive an email notification from Tiger Training on September 19, notifying them when they are enrolled in the three modules. 

  • Conflict of Interest (COI), including the COI disclosure if applicable 
  • Information Security Awareness (ISA)  
  • Building Supportive Communities: Title IX 

Completing Required Training   

Log into Tiger Training to complete the training. You will receive timely reminders via email until you have completed the training and COI disclosure.   

Faculty and staff can complete the training 24/7 leading up to the November 7 deadline. 

The University maintains helpful online resources related to the training topics:   

Complete all training modules by the November 7 deadline to avoid having your computing access denied.

Denying someone computing access is a final, albeit necessary, step to ensure everyone completes the training. Rest assured that you will receive numerous reminders before the deadline. In the unlikely event that you miss the deadline and are denied computing access; you can contact the CCIT Service Desk for details on how to complete your training and restore access.   

Reach out to Tiger Training at if you have any questions.