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Road closure and scheduled outages


Road Closure

Williamson Road will be closed between the Avenue of Champions to Fort Hill Street from December 13 until January 11 to allow for construction along the East Zone of Memorial Stadium. 

Electrical Outages/Disruptions

University Facilities is working with vendor, SEL, to implement and test the automation portions of the electrical distribution control system. During final system tests power will be interrupted to parts of campus to verify the system can automatically detect and restore power to affected systems. 

Electrical power outages will last approximately 1 to 5 minutes during the test.

University Facilities will be finalizing system connections and begin testing the week of Dec. 13 through Dec. 17 and perform the majority of the tests requiring outages during the week of Jan. 3 through Jan. 11.  

Contact Bret McCarley at bmccarl@clemson.edu should you have questions.

Following is the schedule of testing in in alphabetical order:

Academic and General Areas

Alumni Center (12/17)
Barre (1/4)     
Brackett (1/4)
Calhoun Courts Energy Building (12/17)
Calhoun Mansion (1/4)
Chapel (1/4)   
Child Development Center (1/5)
College of Business (12/17)
Daniel Construction (1/4)
Dillard (1/5)   
Hardin (1/4)   
Lehotsky (1/4)
McAdams (1/4)
Olin (1/4)       
Raw Water Pump Station (1/5)
Solar PV Station (12/17)
STG/PRV Building (12/17)
Trustee House (1/4)
Union 6-9th floors (1/5)
Visitor’s Center (12/17)

Athletics Areas

Football Stadium (12/15)
IPTAY (12/15) 
Rowing Facilities  (1/5)
Soccer Stadium (1/4)
Tennis Center (1/4)
West End Zone (12/15)

Housing Areas

Calhoun Courts Apartments and Commons (12/17)
Core Campus (1/5)
Donaldson  (1/4)
Douthit Bldgs E, F, & G (12/17)
Holmes (1/5)  
Lightsey Bridge Apartment Area (1/5)
McCabe (1/5) 
Shoeboxes (1/5)
Stadium Suites (1/5)
Wannamaker (1/4)

Recreation Areas

Barnes Student Center  (12/17)
Lower Intramural Field (1/4)
Outdoor Fitness Center (1/5)
Snow Fitness Area (1/5)        
Upper Intramural Field (1/4)

Parking Lots

C 12 Parking (1/3)
C-1 Parking  (12/15)
C-2 Parking (1/3)
C-3 Parking (1/3)        
Cemetery Hill (1/3)
E-04 Parking Lot (1/5)
R-3 Parking Lot (1/3)

Other Scheduled Outages

For up-to-date information on the scheduled outages between now and Jan. 11, 2022, of sidewalks, elevators, water, etc., access Disruptions Events on December 13, 2021 – January 11, 2022 – Clemson University