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Nominate yourself or someone else to help finalize the 2023-28 Quality Enhancement Plan



The team working on the University’s next Quality Enhancement Plan is seeking volunteers and nominations for faculty, staff and students to serve on four subcommittees to further develop the QEP topic.

The QEP is a core requirement of Clemson’s next Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC) accreditation review in 2023. It will be in place from Fall[LH1]  2023 through Spring 2028.

The plan must have specific student learning outcomes. It should be sustainable and reasonable for the intended student population and resources must be committed to the project.

Throughout the 2020-21 academic year, Clemson’s QEP Exploratory Group met to analyze student learning and success data, identify trends, create data-informed topic suggestions, elicit feedback from the campus, and create a final topic suggestion report. Read more about the process to date on the website.

The next QEP will focus on improving connections between courses and real-world issues, improving students’ engagement with application and analysis, and infusing high-impact educational practices (academic, experiential learning) across curricula where applicable.

The team seeks nominations for participants to serve on the subcommittees to fully develop and refine the plan. Click here to nominate someone else or self-nominate.

The subcommittees are:

Subcommittee 1. Scope and Activities

Key tasks:

  • review the full recommendation report created by the Exploratory Group
  • determine curricular and co-curricular activities the QEP topic should pursue
  • define the intended student population for QEP activities (undergraduate, graduate, professional, all, mixed, cohorts, etc.)
  • establish timelines for years 1-5

Subcommittee 2. Outcomes and Assessment

Key tasks:

  • develop a set of two to four strong student learning outcomes (SLO)
  • create a set of two to four programmatic results (PO)
  • determine assessment measures (indirect via surveys, direct via assessment of artifacts and work products) explicitly connected to SLOs and POs
  • determine timelines for formative and summative assessment as the QEP unfold

Subcommittee 3. Baseline Data

Key tasks:

  • collect pilot and baseline data from current Clemson engaged learning centers, engagement areas and faculty
  • beta-test the assessment measures from Subcommittee 2 to further refine

Subcommittee 4. Resources

Key tasks:

  • determine resource needs for initiation, implementation and completion of QEP
  • create a six-year budget (pre-implementation 2022-23, implementation 2023-28) for financial resources, human resources (including salaries and personnel), facilities and materials/equipment                                                                    

Steering Committee

Key tasks:

  • comprised of the chair of each subcommittee plus other key stakeholders
  • ensure collaboration and synergy between the subcommittees
  • determine internal communications to keep people informed

Subcommittees will meet every three to four weeks from February 2022 through January 2023. The Steering Committee will meet biweekly from February 2022 through May 2023.


Bridget Trogden, Division of Undergraduate Studies, Associate Dean, trogden@clemson.edu

Abby Baker, Office of Institutional Effectiveness, Assessment and Accreditation Manager, bakera@clemson.edu