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Important – New employee parking protocols 



This year faculty and staff will not receive repositionable decals to stick to their windshields when they renew their employee parking permits in a couple of weeks. Their vehicle license plate will be their permit, and employees are asked to review the ‘Important to Know’ section below.

Permit renewals will begin June 8. Existing permits expire June 30. 

Parking and Transportation Services Director Dan Hofmann said the move to License Plate Recognition (LPR) technology will improve efficiency for parking enforcement officers. Cameras mounted on parking enforcement vehicles scan license plates and automatically check them against the permit database. 

This is nothing new to Parking and Transportation Services, which installed cameras on its vehicles seven years ago and has used LPR for residential student parking for the last three years.

A Parking and Transportation car with an LPR camera on the roof.

It is important that faculty and staff ensure their license plate information is current and accurate in the system. There will be updated instructions for entering license plate information and answers to frequently asked questions on the Parking and Transportation Services website June 8.

With the expansion of Clemson’s campus over the last few years, the LPR technology has allowed Parking and Transportation Services to increase parking enforcement patrols across campus without adding personnel, Hofmann said. It also will eliminate the cost of printing and mailing permits to employees’ homes.

Beginning June 8, employees will be able to go online to link up to three license plates to their permits in case they have multiple vehicles. 

Important to Know

  • Only one vehicle linked to each permit can be on campus at a time. “While employees can link up to three license plates to one permit, allowing them the flexibility to drive multiple vehicles, the system will know if more than one vehicle registered to that permit is on campus, and I want everyone to know how to avoid getting a ticket,” said Hofmann.
  • Please pull into parking spots so that your vehicle license plate is visible from the travel lane. Because the license plate is an employee’s parking permit, faculty and staff are asked to park their vehicles with the license plate clearly visible. Hofmann said he wants everyone to be aware of the need to drive frontways into the parking spot so their license tag is clearly visible.