Creative projects to tackle while working remotely


The University encourages departments to be creative in developing work-from-home assignments and to consider activities outside staff members’ normal day-to-day job functions. The Office of Human Resources (OHR) provided the following suggested, acceptable duties:

  • Performing administrative tasks using personal computing equipment which does not require access to confidential information.
  • Enrolling and participating in low or no-cost eLearning and virtual training opportunities that support the mission of the department.
  • Researching publicly available information, including research related to other land-grant, state higher education institutions’ approach to telecommuting duties. Adopting best practices.
  • Producing and editing user manuals.
  • Processing documentation, including creation of standard operating procedures, flowcharts, checklists, etc.
  • Reviewing current business processes to identify opportunities for increased effectiveness, efficiency and reduced costs.
  • Review your services and sites within Clemson’s website(s) and provide suggestions for edits, additions and improvements.
  • Review shared document files held by your department.
  • Write standard operating procedures (SOPs) for tasks in work area. If written SOPs already exist, draft visual workflows to go with the written SOPs or review them for necessary updates.
  • Draft an onboarding manual for new employees in your department or area.

As an added resource, OHR created a list of approved online development opportunities offered through Tiger Training, Percipio (free books and audio and video courses) and its Supervisor Training Series.

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