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Clemson to hold Integrated Pest Management Workshop


Want to learn how to manage what’s pestering your plants?

Learn how to control Cinara aphids and other insects during the Clemson Insect Pest Management Symposium.
Learn how to control Cinara aphids and other insects during the Clemson Insect Pest Management Symposium Oct. 24 at the Canon Centre in Greer.

Clemson experts are holding an Integrated Pest Management Symposium to teach landscapers and everyone else interested in learning disease and insect management strategies for landscapes and nurseries.

The symposium is set for Oct. 24 at the Canon Centre, 204 Cannon St., Greer, S.C. 29651.Cost is $100 per person. Registration closes Oct. 17. To register, go to

Integrated Pest Management is a program that involves preventing, monitoring and controlling the pests by eliminating or greatly reducing the use of pesticides. This is done by using a variety of methods including biological, cultural and structural strategies to control pests.

Symposium speakers include Clemson professors and Cooperative Extension Service agents. Steve Jeffers, plant pathology professor, will speak on integrated disease management strategies for landscapes and nurseries. J.C. Chong, turf and ornamentals entomology professor will talk about major insect and mite pests of trees and shrubs and Sarah White, professor and Extension nursery specialist, will give suggestions on landscape designs to use for improved drainage and reduced fungicide use.

Callen Outen, Extension horticulture agent from Dillon County, will talk about pesticide safety and give a personal protective equipment review.

A mini diagnostic clinic led by Extension commercial horticulture agent Kerrie Roach will be held to teach participants how insects, diseases and the environment can affect plants.

“We will have approximately 20 different samples of landscape plants with environmental, insect and disease problems for participants to see,” Roach said. “They will be given 15 minutes where they are asked to identify the host plant and the pest or problem.”

Once all of the participants have had a chance at identification, Roach will identify each host plant and then the pest or problem. She then will discuss the pest/problem life cycle and the proper Integrated Pest Management control measures to use in the landscape.

For more information, contact Extension county coordinator for Spartanburg County Drew Jeffers at 864-596-2993.




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