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Work in E-04 employee parking lot will take up some spaces this week; Perimeter and Cherry roads intersection work begins



From Sept. 27-29, at least 15 spaces in the E-04 employee parking lot at Williamson Road and South Palmetto Boulevard (near Sirrine Hall) will be unavailable while a contractor conducts subsurface exploration through Wednesday. The work will be done with a boring rig and sampler with an automatic hammer, which will make noise periodically. Traffic cones and safety tape are making areas to avoid during the project. Disabled parking spots should not be affected.

This image shows where holes will be drilled into the E-04 parking lot.

Additionally, underground utility construction at the intersection of Perimeter and Cherry roads will require temporary lane closings through Wednesday. The project will consist of two phases, the first focusing on the southern half of Perimeter Road, the second on the northern half. This will allow construction crews to work on underground utilities while allowing two-way traffic throughout the project. Traffic will shift for vehicles entering and exiting the eastern side of the intersection. CUPD will be present to guide traffic.