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Video security operations and policy update


Clemson University is incorporating video security in an effort to enhance the living environment and strive to make the University a safe and outstanding place to live, learn and work.  The Clemson University Video Surveillance Policy supports these efforts in several ways:

  • It sets the minimum requirements for video coverage and requires all new construction and renovations include video security as part of their project to assure at least this level of coverage.
  • Requires the unification of video resources into one system readily available for public safety use.  This requires us to find all of the old, independent, camera systems and unify them with the main system by bringing eligible IP cameras into the system or replacing cameras that are not compatible to it with new ones that are.
  • Establishes governance and procedures for managing and using video resources. Examples of these procedures includes the following:
    • Acceptable uses of the system
    • Storage of video recordings
    • Dissemination and ownership of video recordings
    • Procedures for adding new cameras

A Physical Security Operations center has been established at the Clemson University Police Department, where video is monitored regularly and used to assist with live public safety responses by police, fire departments, Emergency Medical Services (EMS), and forensic review to assist with ongoing criminal investigations. 

Several projects are currently underway toward improving operations coverage. One project aims to provide new camera coverage in areas of campus that are in need. Another project is dedicated to replacing or migrating legacy systems so they can be of better use.  The third ongoing project is aimed at camera system unification, which is achieved through the maintenance and repair contract allowing parts of the system to be updated as cameras age out or become unrepairable. These projects are a part of collaborative efforts throughout the University.

Look out for more information in the near future about these improvements to the safety of our campus community. For additional information, the Video Surveillance Policy is available for access.