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Stop the Prop and more classroom safety reminders


Safety remains a top priority at Clemson University for students, faculty and staff. With a new academic year set to get underway, review these important safety reminders related to classroom access and lockdown buttons.

Stop the Prop

  • Never prop open doors that require card access. This includes exterior doors that control access to buildings and interior doors that control access to classrooms or offices. Propped doors circumvent access control protocols and may allow unauthorized access.
  • If you see a propped door, contact the Building Security Coordinator for that building.

Lockdown buttons

  • Lockdown buttons have been installed in a number of classrooms. These devices disable card access to the room when the button is pressed in an active threat situation.
  • If there is an active threat situation outside the room, individuals inside should press the Lockdown button and follow the Active Threat protocols of Run, Hide, Fight, and call 911 when able to do so safely. Public Safety Officials are notified within seconds of lockdown button activation and will take appropriate actions, to include dispatching personnel and monitoring cameras.
  • Lockdown buttons are only to be used in an active threat situation and any improper use or tampering with a lockdown button is a violation of South Carolina law, University policy and the Student Code of Conduct.
Lockdown buttons such as this one have been installed in a number of classrooms on campus.

Classroom card access

  • Classrooms requiring the use of card access should be treated the same as any other door that requires card access. Do not prop open classroom doors and do not hold the door for people you may not know.
  • If you see propped classroom doors requiring card access, contact the Building Security Coordinator for that building.
  • If you have problems accessing a classroom or building for which you need access, utilize the Building Access resources on the TigerOne website.