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Clemson to install new lockdown devices to enhance safety inside of academic classrooms


Students attend a physics class at Clemson University
Instructional spaces will be equipped with lockdown devices that will notify Clemson University Public Safety officials of emergency situations. Installation is beginning over Winter Break in December 2022.
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As part of Clemson’s ongoing commitment to ensuring the safety and well-being of students, faculty and staff, the University is installing lockdown devices inside of academic classrooms. The project is initially aimed at classrooms already equipped with card access, while University officials will continue to assess possible future locations.

When depressed, these new buttons will deactivate TigerOne card access to enter classrooms while simultaneously notifying public safety officials of the lockdown. Once activated, only Clemson University Police Department personnel will be able to reset classroom lockdown devices.

Public Safety, TigerOne Card Services and University Facilities are collaborating on the project, which has been in development for months. Installation will begin over the coming weeks.

“Our mission is to enhance safety, reduce risk and prevent harm, and we continue to make great strides as a University in support of this mission,” says Associate Vice President for Public Safety and Chief of Police Greg Mullen. “We have seen time and again colleges and universities across the country are not immune to targeted violence, and this new technology is an enhancement designed to protect members of our University community from the potential for active threats.”

In the coming weeks, signage will be posted inside classrooms near these lockdown devices explaining their purpose, how they are used and consequences for misuse. Contact emergency@clemson.edu for more information on the project.