Scheduled testing of the Academic Continuity Plan, Feb. 19, 2020


Clemson has initiated preparations for a spring 2020 test of the University’s Academic Continuity Plan (ACP). Clemson’s faculty and student testing exercise, which is scheduled for Feb. 19, is one of many measures the University will take to establish and maintain its vital, effective and responsive ACP. The following details support the University community members by helping them prepare.

Why Having a Plan is Necessary

  • A robust, tested ACP is a critical part of remaining compliant with the standards of the University’s accreditor, the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC).
    • SACSCOC expects emergency and contingency planning to promote a healthy and safe environment for the entire campus community, and expects the University’s coursework, academic programs, and their associated credit hours to have integrity and meaning even if the campus is physically closed or experiences interruptions.
  • Providing a tested contingency eLearning solution to address potential emergency interruptions to Clemson’s academic calendar has the added benefit of saving students both time and money by facilitating each student’s uninterrupted path toward graduation.

According to Jeremy King, associate provost for institutional effectiveness and the University’s SACSCOC accreditation liaison, “Beyond the expectations of SACSCOC, a meaningful proven ACP is — I hope — what we would all expect of ourselves both as an outstanding public university favoring strategic processes and plans over ad hoc ones to achieve excellence in business operations, and as a Clemson Family that is a concerned community in which we all serve as trusted stewards of public resources and goods.”

General Terms

The Academic Continuity Plan (ACP) is a strategic plan to address any potential disruption to the University’s academic calendar. For example, many universities are encountering multiple cases of measles and mumps.

  • Academic Continuity Plan Testing is a one-day exercise to test the plan’s ability to manage the potential interruptions to Clemson’s academic calendar.
  • eLearning Solutions and Canvas are the predominant tools used by the University’s faculty and students to prevent interruptions to the academic calendar.
  • The Academic Continuity Plan Community is Clemson’s faculty, staff and students who collectively support Clemson’s plan through a variety of roles and responsibilities.

Preparing for Feb. 19, 2020 Test of ACP

Faculty and Staff Who Teach (Statewide)

Follow instructions provided in the Spring 2020 Academic Continuity Exercise Guide which includes a sample of verbiage to include while preparing syllabi as it pertains to the Feb. 19 testing day using eLearning solutions.

  • Visit Academic Continuity eLearning Resources
  • for tips on teaching online, examples of courses, tools for online learning and IT support.
  • Attend Canvas and Cookies drop-in sessions Jan. 7-9 in the Cooper Library Brown Room or the Academic Continuity Exercise drop-ins Feb. 12 and 13 in the Class of 1941 Studio in Daniel Hall.
  • Labs? Check with your associate dean or department head for instructions.
  • Off-campus clinicals will continue as regularly scheduled.

Staff (Statewide)

  • The Feb. 19 exercise is to test eLearning tools faculty, teaching staff and students use in the event the academic calendar experiences a disruption.
  • Clemson University will be open that day, and staff will work regular hours.

Contact your supervisor should you have additional questions or refer to the Frequently Asked Questions.

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