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Renew your 2024-25 parking permit online; information and resources


Faculty and staff may now renew their annual parking permits online and should visit the Parking and Transportation Services Employee Permits page to get their 2024-2025 permit. Please be reminded that even if you are enrolled in payroll deduction, you still need to renew your permit. If you are enrolled in payroll deduction and no longer wish to purchase a permit to park on campus, you will need to fill out the payroll deduction form to terminate these deductions. 

Regular employee and Park-N-Ride permits will not be receiving a physical permit in the mail as your license plate is your permit so, please be sure to make sure it is linked to your permit. LEV, EV, ELT, Retirees and Emeritus permits will still receive a decal.

Existing permits expire June 30. 

Adjustments to Parking Rates

Clemson University Parking and Transportation Services has announced adjustments to parking permit rates for the 2024-25 academic year, beginning on July 1, 2024. Employees enrolled in payroll deduction will see any changes reflected in their July 15, 2024, paycheck.

Adjustments include:

  • $5 per semester increase for students.
  • Employee rates:
    • No increase for employees making $50,000 or less.
    • Decreased cost for employees making between $30,000 and $40,000. As a result of feedback and partnership with Staff Senate, PATS has split the previous $30,000 to $50,000 rates range into two ranges, allowing for two different rates for these segments of staff members.
    • Five percent increase for employees making above $50,000, resulting in a change between .33 cents and $1.04 per paycheck.

These adjustments are the result of thoughtful, comprehensive research and are in line with (and most often below) many other peer institutions. Parking rates help support the growth of parking and transportation as student enrollment grows, including new bus routes, building additional parking lots, as well as addressing deferred maintenance and technology and facility upgrades.

Employee permit rates are available on the Parking and Transportation website.

Additional Permit Information

Telecommuting faculty and staff parking on campus occasionally may consider forgoing an annual virtual permit and may opt to purchase temporary virtual daily permits online or temporary daily hang tag permits from the Parking and Transportation Services Office at a cost of $4 per day. For your convenience, automated license plate recognition (ALPR) software is in use so temporary online permits no longer need to be printed and displayed.

To correctly identify your vehicle when parked, if you are not parallel parking, please pull into parking spots so that your vehicle license plate is visible from the travel lane. Because the license plate is an employee’s parking permit, faculty and staff are asked to park their vehicles with the license plate clearly visible.

To reduce traffic and improve air quality, Parking and Transportation Services offers free carpool permits to groups of two or more students or employees with similar commuting schedules. For more information, visit the Carpool Program page.

Additionally, Park-N-Ride is available for students and employees at a discounted rate of $50 per year.  Park-N-Ride lots feature shaded parking, electric vehicle charging spaces and shuttles that arrive every six minutes during peak times and 15 minutes during off-peak times. For more information, visit the Park-N-Ride page.

Employees who cannot order a permit online (i.e. U.S. Forestry, Ricoh, Aramark or intermittent employees) need to bring their vehicle information to the Parking and Transportation Services office and complete their parking permit application.

Resources and Instructions

  • ADA Permits – Contact 864-656-2270 or parking@clemson.edu to register your ADA permit.
  • Expanded Park-N-Ride – Save money and time with this convenient option.
  • Carpool Program
  • CATbus Services
  • Temporary Daily Permits are $4 a day – A great option for telecommuters who come to campus on a less frequent basis.
  • LEV Permits and EV Permits – If you are renewing your LEV or EV permit, you will be contacted separately. If you would like to purchase an LEV or EV permit, they are not available online so please follow the instructions online.
  • Location – Parking and Transportation Services is now located at 315 Klugh Ave, Suite B, and is staffed Monday-Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
  • Contact – 864-656-2270 or parking@clemson.edu
  • Coming soon—get real-time availability of buses and parking this Fall by downloading a new unified mobility platform app that is under development. More information will be shared this summer.