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An Indian woman wearing a suit is smiling and crossing her arms. She is standing outside in front of a building that is a medical facility. It has a row of gabled accents on the facade, with windows, ground-level to the three-story roofline, which is flat with a few cylinder units on top of the roof.

Anjali Joseph

Joseph focuses on how the design of the physical health care environment impacts the health, well-being and safety of occupants and supports doctors, nurses and other health care providers as they provide patients with safe and comfortable care.

Man in suit outside.

Eric Benson

While many insects are beneficial, they’re typically not wanted anywhere you commonly frequent. At Clemson, Benson has dedicated his life to figuring out how to control these unwelcome intruders, studying the insects invading the places we live, work and play.

A man, Kendall Kirk, standing with his arms crossed, smiling, wearing work pants and a button-down shirt. A college building is in the background and features large rock blocks on the right side and a wall og glass windows and metal beams on the other.

Kendall Kirk

Agricultural research and technological advances can mean the difference between success and failure for farms, both new and established. Kirk’s research aids farmers by building tools to assist them in working smarter, not harder. His work in precision ag seeks to develop methods and technologies to increase farm efficiency and productivity utilizing a host of technology.

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