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Occupational and Environmental Safety announces Hazardous Materials Transportation Services pilot program


Research and job functions sometimes require the transportation of hazardous materials between Clemson University facilities within the state. Clemson University does not endorse the use of personal vehicles or public transportation for these functions and has formed a pilot program, “Clemson HazMat Transportation Services,” to determine the degree of need for a transport service. Upon request by a Clemson employee or student, Occupational and Environmental Safety (OES) personnel will assist with the packaging and delivery of hazardous materials to all Clemson University facilities using a Clemson University vehicle.

For more information and a link to the Hazmat Transportation Services Pickup Request Form, please visit the OES website.

OES requests that you give a three-day notice to allow time to process your request, gather the materials needed for packaging and schedule the pickup and delivery with both you and the receiver of the material.

Note: OES Staff will not leave any hazardous materials unattended, so please make sure that the person receiving is aware of this requirement. If no one is available to receive the material at the destination facility, OES will bring it back to you and you will be required to submit another request.

If you have any questions, please contact the Hazmat Transport Service Manager.