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Office of Occupational and Environmental Safety announces New Injury Reporting procedure


The Department of Risk Services announces changes to the First Report of Injury (Accident Report) for any faculty, staff or student employee who is injured, experiences a hazardous exposure or becomes ill from their workplace or work activities.  The new procedure is completely electronic using SciShield software to gather required information about the injury.  To file a report:

  1. Visit the Risk Services webpage: https://www.clemson.edu/administration/risk/
  2. Click on “Report an Injury, Incident or Near Miss”
  3. Complete and submit the electronic form

All injury reports submitted are sent to Risk Services and Occupational and Environmental Safety (OES). OES will review each report to determine root causes and recommend preventative and corrective action.  The new reporting system also has the capability to gather information on other health and safety related incidents as well as Near Miss reporting.

For more information contact Risk Services at 656-3354 or OES at 656-0341.