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Improving campus services; announcing newly centralized Occupational and Environmental Safety


In January 2020 the Office of Research Safety and the Department of Environmental Safety effectively merged to become Occupational and Environmental Safety (OES), prompting a reorganization of services in July.

OES provides compliance assistance, regulatory oversight and consultative services in the broad areas of Occupational Safety and Health, Environmental Programs and Research Safety across all Clemson locations statewide.

The current and complex needs of the University prompted the centralization of services under Executive Director Jim Grieger.

A professional headshot of Clemson's new executive director, enterprise environmental health and safety.
July 8, 2020, Jim Grieger announced organizational changes to meet the current and complex safety and environment compliance needs of the University.

In the process of restructuring the organization key new programs were added others were enhanced. All programs under the umbrella of OES services will continually collaborate and partner with departments to identify service and support opportunities. “Faculty, staff and students can expect the OES team to be easy to work with, technically competent and service oriented,” said Grieger. “We are committed to continuous improvement and exceptional customer service.”

Areas Served and Related Program Managers

 The current structure allows OES’s eight program managers listed below specific management areas to better serve faculty, staff and students with optimum efficiency and success. Lisa Wray, OES’s business operations manager, provides operational support to all department programs, providing Grieger key support.

Research Safety

  • Biosafety, Kerri Kwist
  • Radiation Safety, Konstantin Povod
  • Lab Safety, Christopher Weber

Occupational Safety and Health

  • Occupational Safety, Jeff Anthony
  • Industrial Hygiene, Anne Kogut

Environmental Programs

  • Hazardous Materials and Environmental Compliance, June Brock Carroll
  • Asbestos Management, Robin Newberry

Off-Campus Programs

  • Low Country (CURI and Charleston, Coastal REC, Edisto REC, Pee Dee REC and Baruch REC), Kurt Rayburg
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