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Law firm commits to funding 150 law school test prep courses for Clemson students


A generous gift from a Clemson University alumnus’ law firm will pay for 150 law school admission test (LSAT) prep courses for students aspiring to enter the profession.

The Loebsack & Brownlee Pre-Law Fund for LSAT Testing was established in Summer 2024 through a gift from managing partner Chris Loebsack ‘93. The firm committed $90,000 over three years. Loebsack has been an ardent supporter of law and the humanities at Clemson for years.

He previously was the chair of the Humanities Advancement Board, and his Charlotte-based firm endowed the annual “Lectures in Law and Humanities” series that highlights intersections between the two studies.

I’m honored to be able to help the Clemson pre-law program, which has always been near and dear to my heart. The more opportunities we can provide to Clemson students interested in a career in the law, the better! This is just one opportunity for that, but I am hopeful that it might serve as a galvanizing force around which more opportunities might come into existence in the future.


Prepare for law school at Clemson

Chris Loebsack ‘93

Clemson offers robust options for students pursuing law school and a legal career after earning a bachelor’s degree. The College of Arts and Humanities maintains a pre-law advising office and offers counseling from advisor Tim Garrison.

“This wonderful gift will make it possible for all Clemson students interested in law to pursue their dreams,” Garrison said. “Words cannot express our gratitude for Loebsack & Brownlee’s ongoing commitment to our future lawyers.”

This service is extended to students of all majors who hope to pursue law as a career. Founding Dean Nicholas Vazsonyi named pre-law as one of his four key pillars of the new academic home that opened in Fall 2023.

“I am tremendously grateful to Chris Loebsack for his steadfast support of our humanities programs, and for his incredible generosity,” Vazsonyi said. “His gift is a game-changer for Clemson students interested in going to law school, and a real boost for our new College with its emphasis on pre-law.”

Those interested in taking the LSAT should contact Garrison.

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