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Emeritus College recognizes new faculty members


On Wednesday, April 17, 2024, President James Clements and Executive Vice President and Provost Bob Jones welcomed new members to the Emeritus College during its 21st celebration ceremony and luncheon. 

A man dressed in a suit makes an address from a podium.

Eighteen new emeritus faculty, five retiring faculty and four affiliate members were welcomed to the Emeritus College.

The families and colleagues of H. Roger Grant, Kevin Lee James and Joseph Earl Stewart were present to honor them as emeritus faculty posthumously.

Man stands at podium while addressing a crowd.

The luncheon was highlighted by Reflections on Aging and Clemson Trivia, a keynote address offered by Professor Emeritus of English Skip Eisiminger. Eisiminger shared his many experiences since his arrival in 1968, his forty-two years as a teacher teaching over nine thousand students in twenty-nine different courses and his time in service to the University.

Robert Hogan, Professor Emeritus of Architecture announced the following Emeritus College’s annual awards recipients:

This award was established by the late John Kenelly to recognize emeritus faculty members who have made outstanding contributions to Emeritus College, Clemson University, the greater Clemson community and to society.

Three faculty are being photographed while standing on a stage during an awards ceremony.

Stegelin retired in 2017, and although she lives in Columbia, she and husband Forrest never misses important Emeritus College events. Stegelin’s contributions to the Emeritus College include serving as chair of the Advisory Board from 2022-2023, as a member of the Emeritus College Staff Search Committee (twice) and as chair of the Fundraising Committee, which she proposed and implemented during her year as chair of the Advisory Committee. Her strategies for fundraising to support emeritus faculty have made a significant difference in the Emeritus College’s programming and services. Stegelin is also an active member of several key interest groups in the college including the memoir, prison education and the speaker bureau. She continues to contribute to the college with her seminars. This year she initiated a Task Force to improve the relationships between academic colleges and their emeritus faculty using her own College of Education as a pilot program.

Stegelin’s contributions to the University include continuing her graduate teaching and service on an advisory board for the University of South Carolina. She continues to stay involved in research projects, the play coalition conferences, and the Partners of the Americans, SC Chapter Executive Committee. She currently advises Clemson Education faculty advisors for the Reggio Emilia study abroad program. Stegelin represents the College of Education on the US Play Coalition Steering Committee; and serves as a liaison between the college and the Institute for Child Success Conference.  Dee is a member of the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) and the South Carolina Association for the Education of Young Children. She provides leadership for the Global Healing Curriculum Project Co-Leader with Dr. Edgar Klugman, Professor Emeritus-Wheelock College. Stegelin also provides leadership for a study group of 20 professionals across the US and Brazil to develop curriculum learning activities for use in community settings that strengthen intergenerational relationships. In addition, Stegelin had three major publications in 2023.

These named fellows were created to honor emeritus faculty members each year who steadily render valuable service to the Emeritus College and to Clemson University without compensation. They are named fellows in honor of I. Dwaine Eubanks, a former Director of the Emeritus College.

Three people stand at a podium during an awards celebration.

Havice retired in 2019 after serving Clemson for 19 years as a professor of Educational and Organizational Leadership. In service to the Emeritus College, Pam currently serves on the Emeritus College Advisory Board, the Undergraduate Support Committee, the Membership Task Force and the Task Force charged with the development of the college’s Purpose Statement. She has also participated in several panel discussions. This semester, Pam is serving on a Task Force to develop strategies for connecting emeritus faculty with her home College of Education.

Three faculty are being photographed while standing on a stage during an awards ceremony.

Headley retired in 2021 after serving Clemson for 34 years as professor and senior associate dean in the College of Health, Education and Human Development. In service to the Emeritus College, Kathy is currently a member of the Advisory Board. As a member of the Moments and Memories task force, she served as an editor for the book and was instrumental on its successful publication. She also served on the By-Laws Revisions Task Force and the 20th Anniversary Celebration Task Force. Headley chaired the Task Force to develop guidelines and procedures for membership applications and is currently a member of the task force to develop plans for improving relationships between emeritus faculty and their home departments and college.

Three faculty are being photographed while standing on a stage during an awards ceremony.

Kuehn retired in 2020 from Clemson as a professor and former chair of the Department of History. In service to the Emeritus College, Kuehn currently serves as a member of the EC Advisory Board, the Awards Committee and the Programming Committee. He also presented a virtual tour, which was the highlight of last fall’s series. Kuehn was instrumental in the development of a Phi Beta Kappa Society for Clemson University and served as an officer in the society from its inception until his retirement.

Three faculty are being photographed while standing on a stage during an awards ceremony.

Pruitt retired in 2018 after serving Clemson for 17 years as a professor of Nursing, former director of the School of Nursing and Associate dean of The College of Health, Education and Human Development. In service to the Emeritus College Pruitt serves as a member of the Advisory Board, the Programming Committee and the Membership Task Force. Pruitt’s volunteer work is critical to all scheduled events. Her willingness to volunteer and to serve the college makes a significant difference in the programs, services and commitment to the emeritus faculty and college. In service to the University Pruitt was named a Clemson University Service-Learning Fellow and received the Elliott Award for Outstanding Service to Off-Campus, Distance and Continuing Education.

Three faculty are being photographed while standing on a stage during an awards ceremony.

Scherrep retired in 2002 after serving Clemson as an associate director of Cooperative Education. He is also a retired Lt. Col. In the US Army. In service to the Emeritus College Scherrep co-developed the exciting Coffee House series which occurs each month for emeritus faculty to gather and share music. The program hosts additional music events throughout the year as well and helps to promote and increase the numbers of faculty who participate. In service to the larger community, Scherrep is active in the Clemson, Anderson and Oconee communities. Leveraging music’s ability to bring people together, he and his partner in the New Tricks Trio engage residents in nursing homes and assisted living communities across the area to spread joy throughout the community.

Three faculty are being photographed while standing on a stage during an awards ceremony.

In service to the Emeritus College, Smathers began her association with the Emeritus College as the Emeritus College founding director in 2004. She adopted the initial creation and organization of the Emeritus College concept as initiated by Jerry Reel. Smathers’s additional 10 years of hard work resulted in the formation of our highly successful Emeritus College. She worked tirelessly to solicit administrative and financial support in the early years, working with other colleges and university units to emphasize the critical role that the Emeritus College would play in the university community. Diane sought opportunities for promoting the Emeritus College on campus, seeking opportunities for retired faculty to continue to support academic endeavors and continue their invaluable service to students and the university community. She is currently serving as chair of the Emeritus Faculty Creative Works Display Committee. Smather’s contributions to Clemson University include being selected the Phi Kappa Phi Distinguished Member for the Clemson Chapter as well as serving as National President of Phi Kappa Phi, serving on the national board for nine years and as inaugural chair of the Foundation Board of Trustees for two years.

A male student dressed in a blazer is photographed receiving an award from two faculty.
The Emeritus College faculty contribute to an annual scholarship to benefit an undergraduate student. Jonathan Black, pictured above, receives his award from Dr. Cecil Huey and Dr. Debbie Jackson, Director of the Emeritus College.

Jonathan D. Black, a senior psychology major from Charleston, South Carolina was honored as the 2023—2024 scholarship recipient. During his time at Clemson, he has been a member of the Clemson University Symphony Orchestra and has participated in Dr. Kaileigh Byrne’s Creative Inquiry Lab, where the research focused on online privacy decision making. After graduating in May, Jonathan will begin preparations to apply to graduate school, with the hopes of eventually obtaining a doctorate and pursuing psychology research.   The Emeritus College faculty contribute annually to fund undergraduate students. 

Jean A. Bertrand, Professor Emerita of Animal and Veterinary Sciences, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, and Interim Dean for Undergraduate Studies

Thomas Edford Cousins, Professor Emeritus of Glenn Department of Civil Engineering

Julia Alice Frugoli, Alumni Distinguished Professor Emerita of Genetics  

H. Roger Grant, Kathryn and Calhoun Lemon Professor Emeritus of History (Posthumously)

David James Hartmann, Professor Emeritus of Performing Arts

Kevin Lee James, Professor Emeritus of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences and Founding Director of School of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences (Posthumously)

Karen A. Kemper, Associate Professor Emerita of Public Health Sciences

Harry Delos Kurtz, Jr., Associate Professor Emeritus of Biological Sciences

Walter Batchelor Ligon, III, Associate Professor Emeritus of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Pamela E. Mack, Associate Professor Emerita of History and Geography Coordinator of Science and Technology in Society

Anthony Louis Pometto, III, Professor Emeritus of Food, Nutrition and Packaging Sciences

Gwynn M. Powell, Associate Professor Emerita of Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management

Margaret Barlow Ptacek, Professor Emerita of Biological Sciences

E. Jeffery Rhodehamel, Professor Emeritus of Food, Nutrition and Packaging Sciences

Edward Joseph Rock, Associate Librarian Emeritus of University Libraries

Raymond D. Sauer, Professor and Chair Emeritus of Economics

Benjamin R. Stephens, Professor Emeritus of Psychology

Joseph Earl Stewart, Professor Emeritus of Political Science (Posthumously)

Lonnie Lee Thompson, Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering

Bruce Allen Whisler, Professor Emeritus of Performing Arts

Brett A. Wright, Dean Emeritus College of Behavioral, Social, and Health Sciences and Professor Emeritus of Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management

James H. Blake, State Director of the SC Master Naturalist and Senior Extension Associate, Retired

Rita Mae Haliena, Senior Lecturer of Food, Nutrition, and Packaging Sciences, Retired

Rebecca Ferraccio Kaminski, Senior Lecturer of Literacy, Retired

Vladimir Matic, Senior Lecturer of Political Science, Retired

David Schmueser, Senior Lecturer of Automotive Engineering, Retired

William Hiott, Executive Director and Chief Curator, Historic Properties, Retired

James Pepin, Chief Technology Officer, Retired

Flora Riley, Executive Director Michelin Career Center, Retired

Curt Russell, Information Resources Consultant I, Retired

Debra Sparacino, University Registrar, Retired

William Bruehl, Professor Emeritus of Theatre, Stony Brook University

Jere Lee Hodgin, Associate Professor Emeritus of English and Theatre, University of Montana

Kathleen Tiemann, Dean and Professor Emerita, Merrimack College

Vince Jackson, Honorary Member of the Emeritus College