Winter was long and the dark cloud from the pandemic made it seem even longer, but with spring comes hope. Hope for an end to the days of masks, social distancing, canceled gatherings and hearing the grim news of a lost friend or loved one. COVID-19 has touched all of us in one way or another, but we are still holding firm in our hope for a better tomorrow.

With the arrival of spring there is cause for great optimism. Our offices have begun re-opening fully, the daily count of COVID-19 cases is dropping and more of us are receiving the vaccines each day. The University is working toward a regular fall semester with in-person classes and large football crowds on Saturday afternoons.

Springtime returns to Pickens County, S.C.

Things are moving in the right direction, but for now we must continue to keep up the safety protocols and hold steady a little longer. As we return to our workplaces, please remember to wear your mask, practice physical distancing and monitor your health daily. Also, please continue to limit visits to the common areas in our building, including the reception area, break rooms, hallways, and conference areas.

I want to encourage all of us to use the Clemson online COVID-19 self-assessment tool and participate in the continued COVID-19 testing program anytime you visit campus or when taking a trip outside your regular work routine. The testing program is also available for you to use if you feel symptomatic; it’s a chance for early detection or clearance.

If we all keep working together as a team, I’m convinced we will continue to see the positive results from the past few months. Thanks again for your incredible response to the pandemic and for the great work each of you do to support our programs and protect the people of South Carolina.

Have a safe, warm and wonderful season — and stay positive as better days are near!

— Dr. Steve Cole, Director, Regulatory & Public Service Programs

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