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CU Grow duo shines in program’s first year; 2021-22 application deadline is June 15



CU Grow (formerly the Staff Development Program) is accepting applications for its second-ever cohort, and eligible Clemson staff members are invited to apply by June 15, 2021.

As the program prepares to review applications from a new round of candidates, CU Grow’s current group of participants comprises a diverse and dedicated selection of staff members from across the University. A unique pair from CU Grow’s inaugural cohort is the supervisor/employee team of Leslie Moreland and Lindsey Ricketts.

As Clemson’s associate director of athletic academic services, Ricketts saw in CU Grow an opportunity to grow professionally and build relationships with colleagues outside her department. “Since I work in academics, my job in athletics is a little unique,” said Ricketts. “I was looking to make new connections and I was ready to learn more about how to grow professionally for long-term success.”

Lindsey Ricketts

As it turns out, Ricketts’ supervisor, Moreland, shared her excitement about the new program. “I liked how CU Grow was structured to begin with personal introspection and move toward personal and professional development based on that introspection,” Moreland said. The assistant athletic director of athletic academic services, Moreland was also intrigued by CU Grow’s field-specific project component.

As part of the CU Grow program, each participant completes a field-specific project in their department. With both coming from Athletic Academic Services, Moreland and Ricketts chose to collaborate on their project. Having worked together for more than a decade, the pair maintains a strong working relationship, but Moreland and Ricketts agree their CU Grow experience has strengthened their teamwork even more.

“Completing the field-specific project together has been a really good, collaborative experience,” said Moreland.

Leslie Moreland

“CU Grow has challenged me to think outside my normal thought process,” Ricketts said.  “While my Individualized Development Plan helped me see things differently and be more cognizant of how others think and feel, the DISC assessment results supported my choice of profession as an academic advisor. CU Grow has helped me realize my current and future potential.”

While Ricketts and Moreland have certainly flourished as a team, Moreland credits CU Grow with providing an opportunity to focus on how she can improve as a supervisor. “The focus of my introspection has been on my leadership style and what I can do better both as a supervisor as well as a leader within our department.”

CU Grow’s first supervisor and employee duo reports they are looking forward to the remainder of their time in the program and continued opportunities to interact with colleagues across the University.

Visit CU Grow’s webpage to learn more about the program, including eligibility requirements, and apply.