COVID-19 Test: QR Code Update


To ensure your on-campus COVID-19 tests clear you for access to University facilities, and for future tests to be linked to your Clemson account, you must take the following steps:

  1. Check the QR code you have saved.
  2. If the combination of numbers above the QR code contains all capital letters with numbers, continue using the QR Code. You do not need to take any further steps.
  3. If the combination of numbers and letters above the QR contains lowercase letters, you have the incorrect QR code. Delete this QR code from your e-mails and phone.
  4. You can access your correct QR code by clicking here.
  5. Once you’ve logged in, click “My Health Pass” on the left side of the screen from a computer – or from the menu bar on the right side of the screen from a cell phone – then select “My Personal QR Code.”
  6. Make sure the QR code is numbers and all capital letters – please use this code moving forward.
    1. If the code has any lowercase letters, please re-register through the Main Campus Testing Link on the COVID-19 Testing site, and be sure to click on the University personnel link, even if you’re a contractor who uses an ID card for access