#ClemsonWorks for faculty and staff


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Tabitha James has the opportunity to enjoy the massive garden that’s right outside her office. Having worked as a rural health and nutrition agent in the Marion County Extension Office for just a few months, James already knows the culture the University offers is a fit for her.

“The community, the support, the culture, the history, the nature of working for the Clemson Family is so rich and I enjoy it,” she said.

Ken Scar joined Clemson after his U.S. Army service had concluded. The decorated veteran, who served a combat tour in Afghanistan, found a certain kind of peace in South Carolina, where he moved to be closer to his two young children. Five years and 14 CASE awards later, Scar, a public information director with University Relations, has found great success telling the unique stories of Clemson.

“It was a natural fit for me,” he explained. “I’m proud I’ve been able to use my skills learned as an Army journalist to bring a lot of deserved recognition to Clemson’s military heritage.”

Billowing white clouds dotting a crystal blue sky lay atop lush green foliage against a majestic mountain backdrop. This paradise is what comprises Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management associate professor Betty Baldwin’s classroom.

“Clemson is surrounded by amazing natural areas. And that’s why Clemson works for me,” she said.

These stories and many more were submitted as part of an employee engagement and recruiting campaign, which gave faculty and staff a chance to share their Clemson story. Social Media was “painted orange” on May 31, as faculty and staff explained how #ClemsonWorks for them through pictures and video posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

All in all, 180 posts garnered more than 147,000 social media interactions. Five winners each earned $500 for their social media posts.

Video winners include Plant and Environmental Sciences associate professor Dara Park and Clemson Baseball operations director Brad Owens. They were joined by Student Financial Services coordinator Torri Smith and University Housing administrative coordinator Erin Fall, whose entries earned top honors in the photo category. With more than 400 social media “likes,” Mallory Dailey, a 4-H agent with Clemson Extension, was named “People’s Choice” winner.

Emily Watrous said her office was grateful for the stories shared by the University’s faculty and staff.

“We were blown away by the employee response to #ClemsonWorks,” said the chief human resources officer. “It was encouraging to hear from our faculty and staff why Clemson is such a special place. We’ve received numerous ‘Top Employer’ awards over the past several years, but nothing speaks more loudly than hearing it from the Clemson Family.”

The #ClemsonWorks webpage features a complete list of entries. Visit the page to learn how #ClemsonWorks for its faculty and staff.




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