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Clemson Intersect creates opportunities for business, engineering, technology students


Business, engineering and computing are on a collision course at Clemson University.

That collision is being facilitated by Clemson Intersect, a new initiative that will engage students from those academic disciplines. The goal: To enhance appreciation for their different skill sets and help them become ready for the global market at graduation.Clemson Intersect logo

Clemson Intersect is a collaborative project between the College of Engineering, Computing and Applied Sciences (CECAS) and the College of Business. It is designed to strengthen the relationship between business and the technical degree programs and will focus on the mutual goals of both colleges in areas of Business Analytics, Value Chain and Advanced Manufacturing, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, and Leadership, while gaining exposure to the global economy.

“Our students should not limit themselves within their major. No matter the field they’re in, it’s important that they understand how to collaborate with other teams, like they will be required to do in the business world,” said Helen Diamond Steele, director of Career and Global Engagement for the College of Business. “Clemson Intersect is a program that brings together engineering, technology, and business students and teaches them the importance of collaboration while also instilling a global mindset.”

The business school’s Office of Career and Global Engagement and CECAS Student Engagement are collaborating on shaping the program. Initially, a speaker series will bring in professionals to highlight trends and best practices from their organizations and to talk about how business and engineering and computing work together to make a global impact.

“Clemson Intersect is an interdisciplinary initiative that will deepen students’ understanding of how technical and business skills can be integrated for maximum impact,” said Aubrey Baldwin, director of Engagement for the College of Engineering, Computing and Applied Sciences. “This will help better position students to become leaders of the future to develop the skillset and mindset to create value and address the challenges facing society. We look forward to working with the College of Business on this exciting initiative.”

The speaker series will combine components from both colleges’ strategic plans and core programs. One emphasis of the series will be to address the importance of essential-skill competencies in students’ professional development. Speakers will be asked to weave in specific essential-skill competencies to their presentations and be prepared to address those competencies as part of a Q&A session.

Allissa East, a Clemson alumna and partner with PricewaterhouseCoopers Advisory, will be the series’ first speaker on Oct. 6 from 5-6 p.m. Her role falls squarely at the intersection of business, engineering, technology and global impact. The series will temporarily be delivered on a virtual platform due to COVID-19 implications. All sessions will be held live and recorded.

The initiative will expand beyond the speaker series to create networking opportunities between students in the engineering, computing and business disciplines, and with the speakers. Another area this initiative will address is a collaboration on global engagement opportunities for CECAS and business students.

To register for the Oct. 6, event and for more information, click here .

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