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Bonus information for FY2022-23


On July 7, faculty and staff were notified of a general base increase and bonus as part of this year’s compensation. Visit the July 7 Special OUR Clemson.  

This year’s state proviso provided institutions of higher education the flexibility to implement their bonus programs without uniformity. With a combination of state and university funding, Clemson University made the decision to support a bonus program for those earning up to $100,000 in an effort to assist those faculty and staff disproportionately affected by the current economic trends. 

An update to the bonus portion of the compensation is provided below. Bonus-eligible employees will be paid their bonuses on October 31. 


To be eligible, the Clemson University employee must: 

  • be a classified or unclassified staff or faculty member in one of the following types of positions: 
    – Full-time Equivalent (FTE)
    – Time-Limited Positions (TLP), contract permitting 
    – Grant Positions (TGP), grant permitting 
  • work 30 hours or more weekly, 
  • have a Clemson University hire date of January 1, 2022, or before, and  
  • still work for the University.  

Bonus Amounts 

The bonus will be implemented as shown in the table below and is based on the employee’s base salary on January 1, 2022. 

For questions, access Frequently Asked Questions or contact Ask-HR