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University Relations introduces OUR Clemson as faculty and staff eNewsletter


University Relations is excited to introduce its inaugural issue of OUR Clemson, a newsletter designed to deliver university news and events curated specifically for its faculty and staff.

In today’s debut edition, you’ll find top news, upcoming events and a FOR OUR PEOPLE section where readers can find timely updates from the Office of Human Resources, CCIT and others. We’ll also highlight our faculty and staff featured in external publications, recognizing their contributions in raising the profile of the university.

A logo designed for OUR Clemson, the university's new eNewsletter of News and Events.
Follow OUR Clemson News and Events on Twitter and Instagram @OURClemson.

This newsletter is one piece of a holistic communication overhaul designed to modernize not only the way we distribute information, but also ensure each of the various and important Clemson audiences receive information in a timely, efficient and effective manner.

We know an eNewsletter is not the silver bullet to our overflowing inboxes with all-faculty and all-staff emails, but this step will hopefully provide an effective tool to aggregate some of those important notifications while also highlighting other great work happening in Clemson and throughout the state.

Our team encourages feedback to ourclemson@clemson.edu as this newsletter evolves and we constantly evaluate the effectiveness of the content and cadence of distribution. We also continue to work on the incorporation and further development of other communications channels through the faculty/staff website, social media and other tools available. At its launch, this bi-weekly email will, in part, direct users to other news updated daily on the Faculty and Staff website (www.clemson.edu/faculty-staff/).

It is important to note Clemson Safety and Special Inside Clemson emails will continue to be sent as warranted for news and updates of a more immediate nature.

Faculty and staff can follow OUR Clemson on Twitter and Instagram @OURClemson.


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