Clemson Computing Information Technology; Finance and Operations

Tyler Saas to lead University’s technology modernization as associate vice president, CCIT 


Effective April 22, Tyler Saas will assume the position of associate vice president of technology modernization reporting to Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Clemson Computing and Information Technology Brian Voss.  

An enterprise-level strategic need matched by Saas’ specific work experience and abilities resulted in the newly created position. The evolving nature of information technology requires transformative change in Clemson’s IT infrastructure and operations, to maximize value and align with the University’s strategic objectives laid out in Clemson Elevate. Saas, working closely with the VPIT-CIO, CCIT unit leaders, and technical staff, will orchestrate efforts addressing new technology infrastructure and shifts in enterprise operating models. He will also serve as the program director for the University’s cloud financial and human resources ERP Implementation. 

“I’m very pleased to have Tyler join the outstanding leadership team and staff of CCIT, to help us address strategic changes in our approach to providing information technology infrastructure and operations in support of Clemson Elevate,” said Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Clemson Computing and Information Technology Brian Voss. “Tyler has developed a collaborative relationship with CCIT staff, and his inquisitive and organized approach to addressing change will be invaluable to our efforts.”

Saas joined Clemson in 2019, as the associate vice president for budget, financial planning and analytics. Saas’ partner, Dr. Darbi Roberts, is the chief of staff and operations in Clemson’s College of Veterinary Medicine. During his five years at Clemson, Saas has managed to position Clemson for greater transparency in budgeting, and, along with a legion of others, establish a foundation for the University to adopt revenue-based budgeting.   

“When we recruited Tyler, we were looking for an ‘athlete’ who could drive innovation and be a change agent implementing process improvement, technology enhancements and focusing on business analytics for better decision-making tools. He has delivered at the highest level across all these areas and his impact will continue in his new role.”


“It is because of Tyler’s tireless efforts, leadership, and vision that we have accomplished so much over the past four years, including successfully navigating a pandemic,” said Vice President and Chief Financial Officer Rick Petillo. “His work to position us for the ERP implementation and the design of our Revenue Based Budget model will have lasting positive impacts on Clemson for years to come. But I think Tyler’s most important and lasting efforts were building the teams he led and developed. We truly wouldn’t be in the strong position we’re in now without him. We will miss working with him but also recognize the power that the ERP will have to transform Clemson’s administration, and Tyler’s focus on that project will maximize its impact.”