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Clemson’s new cloud-based ERP supported by IT workstream, service teams


In preparation for a new, cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution that will streamline critical HR and Finance processes across all of Clemson, the University has created specialized workstreams to help plan, develop and implement this far-reaching modernization initiative. These workstreams include HR, Finance and IT teams tasked with preparing for the first new Clemson ERP in more than two decades.

IT workstream bridges the gap

The IT workstream, consisting of Clemson IT professionals from within CCIT (Clemson Computing and Information Technology), is building the foundation for the new ERP. This team will bridge any gaps between the functionality of the new ERP and the unique HR- and Finance-related IT usage of Clemson faculty, staff and student workers.

While the University’s new ERP will support as many standardized business processes as possible, there may be no one-size-fits-all solution in some instances. In these cases, the IT workstream will develop innovative solutions that deliver an outstanding user experience for impacted Clemson employees, as well as external vendors who will use the new ERP.

Five specific teams make up Clemson’s ERP-focused IT workstream:

  • Enterprise Business Services: This service team will maintain the new cloud-based ERP, including the deployment of system enhancements, and will engage with stakeholders to ensure that the ERP supports required business processes. 
  • Enterprise Data Services: Driving the accuracy and reliability of Clemson’s data, this service team will collaborate across the University to support data governance, data management and business intelligence needs.
  • Enterprise Integration Services: By facilitating data flow to support enterprise business processes, this service team will connect the University’s enterprise systems. This team will support system remediation efforts—the process of updating, modifying or reconfiguring systems to enable a quality transition—during the ERP implementation.
  • Enterprise Workflow Services: This service team will deploy complementary tools to support those enterprise HR and Finance processes that the ERP system may not specifically target.
  • Enterprise Quality Management Services: This service team will improve ERP quality by testing software, products and services early in the ERP’s IT implementation and business process development phases.

With these service-focused teams, the IT workstream is positioned to support the rollout of the new ERP and create a close partnership among the Clemson IT, HR and Finance functional areas tasked with planning, building, testing and deploying the new ERP. 

What’s next?

In the months and years ahead, the IT, Finance and HR workstreams will continue to play pivotal roles in the design, development, testing and deployment of new ERP. User groups—a cross-section of Clemson faculty, staff and student workers—also will participate by providing feedback on newly designed HR and Finance processes and the comprehensive training modules that will be available to affected Clemson faculty and staff.

After the conclusion of a robust procurement process, when Clemson will announce the vendor selected to help implement the new ERP, the IT workstream will work directly with that vendor to turn the University’s ERP plans into reality.

General Questions

General questions about Clemson’s new ERP can be submitted via the “Ask a Question” webform.