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Managing time and attendance: the transition from Kronos to PeopleSoft


Making way for a new enterprise resource planning system

Specialized teams within CCIT, HR and Finance have worked diligently over the past two years to prepare for the migration of core Clemson HR and Finance processes and systems to a modern, cloud-based system – a new enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution. This new ERP will streamline daily processes and make it easier for faculty, staff and student workers to support the University’s mission of teaching, research and service. 

Clemson’s ERP preparation requires system remediation – the process of updating, modifying or sunsetting systems to enable a quality transition from the University’s current HR and Finance systems to the modern, cloud-based ERP solution. Simply put, the goal of system remediation is to ensure impacted systems continue to perform as expected with the new ERP.

In the case of Kronos, the University’s current time and attendance system, all Clemson employees will be transitioned from Kronos to PeopleSoft’s time and attendance system in preparation for a successful ERP implementation. This transition, which will include training opportunities for impacted supervisors and employees, is expected to take place by the end of September 2024. During this period, all Clemson supervisors and employees, including student employees, will sunset their use of Kronos and instead will document their time and attendance using PeopleSoft.

This transition also addresses the fact that the version of Kronos currently used by the University will expire before the time and attendance feature of the new ERP will be deployed. Leveraging the University’s PeopleSoft time and attendance feature to bridge the gap between Kronos and the new ERP avoids the need for a costly, multi-year contract while the new ERP is being developed. When Clemson launches the new ERP, Peoplesoft time and attendance will be decommissioned, and all supervisors and employees will document time and attendance in the new system.

The Payroll department will provide each Clemson employee with specific updates, instructions and information on where to go for assistance well before the transition from Kronos to PeopleSoft takes place. OUR Clemson, Tiger Training and the payroll website will also be useful sources of information in the months ahead. 

An exact date for the transition to PeopleSoft for managing time and attendance, as well as relevant support and training resources, will be offered and highlighted in future communications. 

In addition to time and attendance and other system remediation requirements, the University has already undertaken significant work to prepare Clemson to migrate to a new ERP. Faculty and staff will continue to learn about additional aspects of this modernization project in this and future OUR Clemson articles as the effort progresses toward design, testing, training and adoption.

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