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Updated Travel Policy update goes into effect July 1, 2023


As previously announced, Clemson’s updated University Travel Policy will go into effect July 1, 2023. The policy includes the adoption of federal General Services Administration (GSA) per diems for most travel.

GSA per diem rates are set by fiscal year, effective October 1 annually. Visit current rates in the continental United States through the GSA.

Changes to Clemson’s Travel Policy are the result of vital faculty and staff feedback and a significant process review.

Travel Policy

The approved policy is posted on the Concur Travel & Expense site.

The new policy and updated procedures, effective July 1, 2023, can be viewed on the University Policy site. Employees can become familiar with the changes before the effective date.


  • Effective July 1, 2023, a significant change requires travelers to use Concur to request overnight travel and secure approval prior to traveling.
  • The procedures address steps with respect to exceptions to the policy and will be updated routinely for new developments or clarity.
  • Employees who have received pre-trip approval or who have booked travel happening after July 1 are not required to create a new travel request in Concur, but an expense report in Concur will need to be submitted.
  • Prior to July 1, 2023, employees may continue making plans outside Concur or as they are directed within their employment areas. Procurement and Business Services supports employees making summer travel plans as early in advance as possible.
  • The new policy also eliminated non-overnight meal reimbursement, simplifying this complicated process (in Concur or outside Concur). Additionally, the policy moves to GSA per diems for all travel (instead of using the state per diems for domestic travel). This will make Concur much easier to use when expensing meal per diems instead of the previous method that utilized state rates.
  • In the past few months, Procurement and Business Services has shared system and process recommendations the office has implemented, including:
    • Weekly training sessions for all Concur users on various topics within the tool, including Travel, Request, Expense, P-Cards, etc. These weekly training sessions began in May with sessions held at the Watt Center, along with Zoom sessions that will be available through December.
    • Documentation simplification – User guides have been created, making it easier for users to find and follow key tasks.

Answers to Anticipated Questions

I just requested and booked my travel. Do I need to do anything?

  • No, travel that has already been requested and approved outside of Concur does not need to be re-requested in Concur. 
  • Travel plans already booked outside of Concur do not need to be changed.

I need to book a work trip now. What should I do?

  • Travel requested and booked before July 1, 2023, can be done through Concur, Anthony Travel or outside the system.
  • Travel requests and bookings after July 1, 2023, must be completed in Concur or with Anthony Travel.

What per diem rate do I use if my travel will take place before July 1, 2023, but I don’t submit expense reimbursement until after that date?

  • If your last day of travel is before July 1, 2023, per diem will follow the current state per diem rates.
  • If your last day of travel is on or after July 1, 2023, GSA per diem will apply.
  • Year-end note: Travel completed before July 1, 2023, must be submitted in accordance with the year-end guidelines.

Can I use Concur or Anthony Travel to book my personal travel?

  • No, only business-related travel.

I still have questions about my travel plans or expenses. Who can I contact?

Clemson Travel –