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 University Facilities announces ‘Green Tiger One’ energy conservation project  


Clemson University Facilities is proud to announce a new energy conservation project called Green Tiger One (GT1). GT1 is a collection of energy efficiency projects in 98 buildings across Clemson University campuses that will positively affect students, faculty, and staff. The project aims to replace aging facility infrastructure, reduce campus utility-related CO2 equivalent emissions by over 20 percent, and move the University closer to our 2030 Carbon Neutrality Goal. GT1 is a partnership between Clemson University and Johnson Controls, Inc. The project aims to promote long-term sustainability, lessen the University’s environmental footprint and dramatically reduce campus utility costs.  
Some of the GT1 facility improvement measures include lighting and HVAC upgrades, water conservation measures, insulation repairs, lab exhaust upgrades, and more. A detailed list of facility improvement measures and a Building Specific Construction Scope List is available on the Facilities website. A detailed construction schedule will be finalized in the coming weeks. The Green Tiger One team will relay construction details to Building Security Coordinators in the next few weeks as construction activities are scheduled.  
In recent years, the effects of climate change are becoming more noticeable with the increased frequency of natural calamities. This singular project will not solve climate change, but with our collective efforts, we can put a dent into the problem.  
For any questions regarding the Green Tiger One project, contact