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Spring weekly testing requirements


Beginning January 11, students and employees accessing facilities on the University’s main campus will be required to participate in testing once every seven days. If you are not located on main campus or regularly accessing main campus facilities, you do not need to test every seven days. Should individuals need to come to main campus for learning or work requirements in the future, a negative COVID-19 test must be provided within seven days prior to coming to campus.

Extensions will be granted for extenuating situations. For those unable to meet the requirements, email COVIDSystemsSupport@clemson.edu explaining the situation and date of expected return. This needs to be completed before the required testing date.

Individuals who tested positive for COVID-19 are not required to participate in weekly testing for 90 days from the positive sample collection date. However, individuals must be tested within seven days of completing their 90-day window.

Once a student or employee goes eight days from their last negative test or 98 days after their last COVID-19 positive test, they’re overdue for testing and will receive an email notification reminding them to be tested on-campus or upload a test result from an outside provider for a PCR test taken within the appropriate timeframe. Supervisors will also receive an email for employees who have not completed testing. If no action is taken within 48 hours:

  • COVID-19 Clearance Status will move to “Not Cleared” and access to University facilities will be revoked.
  • Employees will be referred to Human Resources and students will be referred to the Office of Community and Ethical Standards to determine appropriate next steps, which may include disciplinary action.

Please note, Monday, January 18, is a holiday. Individuals who normally test on Mondays will not be overdue until Wednesday, January 20, to allow them to be tested the next day.


It is recommended non-residential students and employees register for a date and time that works best with their schedule to manage this requirement. However, if a scheduling conflict arises, required testing can be fulfilled at an earlier date and time as long as it falls within the seven-day timeframe for individuals testing negative or 90-day requirements for those who previously tested positive.


Residential students will be tested on their building’s assigned testing date from the Fall semester. Students who are unsure can view their testing days here.


Clemson students and employees who do not need access to main campus facilities, including the library, because they take classes or work elsewhere around the state or are fully online are not required to participate in weekly testing. Free voluntary testing will be available at CU-ICAR for all Greenville students and employees beginning Friday, January 15. Details can be found online