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Sonoco Institute Releases Industry Training Schedule through June 2023


Programs from the Sonoco Institute of Packaging Design and Graphics at Clemson University offer the best hands-on training experiences using state-of-the-art labs, equipment and software. Seminars blend classroom learning with hands-on experience, while workshops provide more intense hands-on learning in smaller groups. The following courses are now available for registration:


Corrugated Packaging Seminar participantsCorrugated Packaging Seminar
December 7-8, 2022

This seminar provides a comprehensive, hands-on exploration of corrugated packaging technologies and will equip attendees to make valuable contributions to critical packaging decisions. The program is beneficial to anyone involved in package design, sales, specifications, purchasing, scheduling, quality control and production management. The seminar will be led by Dr. Dan Malenke, Principal of PKGPRO, LLC and Ralph Young, a well-known speaker, author and expert on the technical aspects of corrugated packaging and box engineering.


Advanced Techniques in Flexography Workshop participantsAdvanced Techniques in Flexography Workshop
December 14-16, 2022

This class, taught by Sonoco Institute staff, is geared towards individuals wishing to expand their present knowledge of the flexographic process. Emphasis is placed on optimizing the printing of tone work and process color reproductions. The class “fingerprints” our press, measures process variance, creates production standards and then completes a four-color process job. During each step formal instruction couples hands-on learning in such areas as tonal value management, color proofing, color theory, print analysis, process control, anilox selection and more.


Flexo Foundations Seminar participantsFlexo Foundations Seminar
February 8-9, 2023

This two-day seminar, taught by Sonoco Institute staff, introduces flexography and is suitable for anyone in the flexo industry, from sales to customer service, administration, marketing, etc. Content covers the history of flexography, an overview of the flexographic market, the flexographic printing process, substrate and ink options, color and design considerations and more. It includes a mix of classroom learning with afternoon breakout sessions allowing attendees to see first-hand how the flexographic process works. Breakouts will take place on a seven-station, narrow-web, flexographic press. At the conclusion of the seminar, attendees can take the test to receive their FTA FIRST Individual Certification – Level I Certificate of Completion.


Paperboard Packaging Seminar participantsPaperboard Packaging Seminar
March 15-16, 2023

This seminar provides a comprehensive, hands-on exploration of paperboard packaging technologies. Upon completing this program, attendees will be equipped to make valuable contributions to critical packaging decisions. Individuals involved in package design, sales, specification, purchasing, scheduling, quality control, and production management will benefit from this seminar. This seminar is appropriate for all levels of experience and will be led by Dr. Dan Malenke, Principal of PKGPRO, LLC.


Intro to Flexo Workshop participantsIntro to Flexo Workshop
March 21-23, 2023

This class, taught by Sonoco Institute staff, is geared towards individuals in need of fundamental knowledge of the flexographic printing process. It is taught by mixing hands-on training and formal instruction in a flexo printing environment. Attendees will graduate the class understanding the function of flexography in the printing industry and all elements required to produce a finished product including layout, trapping and distortion, plate-making, proofing, ink station set up, ink maintenance, press operation and quality control.


Intro to Prepress Workshop participantsIntro to Prepress Workshop
May 23-25, 2023

New to printing? Designing for print? This three-day workshop, taught by Sonoco Institute staff, is geared towards graphic designers and artists that are either working as prepress operators or designing for print. The workshop starts off with attendees going on press to print a job, where they will learn about platemaking, ink formulation, press basics and more. Print samples will be analyzed and measured. For the remainder of the workshop, attendees will go hands-on with the tools available in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and other prepress software needed to prepare artwork for printing. On the final day, after adjusting the art, attendees will go back on the press to see the result of good prepress work. A working knowledge of Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop is required.


Process Control for Flexography Seminar participantsProcess Control for Flexography Seminar
June 6-8, 2023

This exciting seminar, taught by Sonoco Institute staff as well as printing industry experts, examines the practices and tools required to maintain process control for flexographic print. Attendees will go hands-on during all stages of the process – digital prepress, platemaking, ink mixing, press setup and print analysis. Vendors will be on hand to demonstrate the latest technology available to help attendees get their processes under control. Presentations will cover best practices and strategies for measurement, automation and more.


Registration fees for the courses range from $895 – $1,395 and early bird discounts are available. Visit the Sonoco Institute website for more information or to register.


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