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Sharing the Journey: Documenting COVID-19 at Clemson University


The global efforts underway to halt the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) have dramatically affected the lives of millions of Americans, and of billions world-wide. The impact on the lives and experiences of the Clemson University community is unprecedented and sobering, but historically significant. In order to fully capture this moment, the Clemson University Libraries’ Special Collections and Archives is launching an institution-wide initiative to document and record this significant period for preservation and future research use.

Sharing the Journey: Documenting COVID-19 at Clemson University  provides Clemson University students, staff, and faculty a space to document and share their personal experiences for submission to the University Archives. We encourage participants to submit written journals or diaries, photographs, video or audio recordings, zines or any other creative means of documentation. Participants may document their experiences for one day, maintain a daily diary for several weeks, or create a reflective weekly journal, at the discretion of the individual and in whatever medium they choose.

The University Archives acknowledges that COVID-19 and the University response is ongoing, but its impact has already been deeply felt within the Clemson Family, and that current actions will reverberate through the coming years. The University Archives is committed to preserving this lived history for the benefit of our current and future generations. The University Archives will accept all relevant materials, both physical and digital, as donations and for review for inclusion in the Sharing the Journey: Documenting COVID-19 at Clemson University. To participate, individuals  are asked to please complete this  Google Form, also found at the project’s website. With the help of the entire Clemson Family, the University Archives can help preserve this experience for future generations.

Additional information about the Sharing the Journey: Documenting COVID-19 at Clemson University, as well as prompts for individuals to consider as they begin to document their experiences, can be found at the project’s website.


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