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SCIENCE undergrad is first author on article in Genomics


Eugene Bishop in lab
Eugene Bishop is a senior in the department of genetics and biochemistry.

CLEMSON, South Carolina – College of Science undergraduate researcher Eugene Bishop is first author on a recently published article in the journal Genomics.

Bishop, a senior in the department of genetics and biochemistry, has researched the diverse roles of the AT-Hook gene family in plants and identified interacting partners of this gene family in the maize genome. Bishop’s article is titled “Genome-wide identification, expression profiling, and network analysis of AT-hook gene family in maize.”

“Working in Dr. Sekhon’s lab and achieving a publication of this caliber has been a defining moment in my life,” said Bishop, an undergraduate researcher in Rajan Sekhon’s lab. “This publication has been a tremendous boost to my passion toward a research career.”

Other authors include Rohit Kumar, Feng Luo, Christopher Saski and Sekhon, all of Clemson University.

“Eugene is a diligent and very inquisitive student, and this accomplishment is a testament of his dedication to research,” Sekhon said. “He has a bright future and I wish him the very best.”

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