Reorganization of Clemson Online and the Office of Teaching Effectiveness and Innovation announced


Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost Robert H. Jones announced the joint reorganization of Clemson Online and the Office of Teaching Effectiveness and Innovation (OTEI).

“This move is one more example of our focus on quality, efficiency and relevance, as we drive Clemson forward,” said Provost Jones.

Constancio Nakuma, associate provost for academic affairs, leads both programs and recognizes the reorganization provides both groups a clearer alignment with ClemsonForward initiatives. “Pairing Clemson Online and OTEI allows both groups the ability to grow key support programs, services and technologies to effectively address Clemson faculty’s teaching development needs,” Nakuma said. “All of this leads to a better learning environment for our students.”

Directed by Matthew Briggs, Clemson Online will continue to focus on its support of new and existing online programs, online course development, and technology training, but will expand its mission to support non-credit offerings and online marketing. “Our team is always looking for innovative ways to support our faculty,” said Matthew Briggs. “While we’ll continue to offer the same services that have facilitated the production of nationally-ranked offerings at the University, we’ll be expanding our outreach to support new audiences.”

Directed by Taimi Olsen, OTEI, Clemson’s resource for teaching, will focus on instructor and departmental support of the development and delivery of courses. OTEI will join forces with Clemson Online to support Canvas courses, the integration of technology into everyday teaching and the development of flipped and hybrid courses. Digital learning specialists will soon join the OTEI staff as consultants.

Nakuma shared that OTEI and Clemson Online’s expansion of services offers Clemson’s faculty a more wholistic approach with fully integrated teaching support. While continuing to offer programs like the Faculty Learning Communities, OTEI will expand to meet needs in the various disciplines at Clemson—and reach faculty both at the main campus and other sites.

“I’ve been wanting to add more video, web conferencing and online resources,” said Olsen. “Moving forward, OTEI will offer increased, discipline-specific support to meet each of the college’s challenges whereby instructors and departments build student academic success.”

Adopting a shared services model that is more efficient, both agencies are supported by one support staff and will host co-branded events.

The Provost’s Office alignment will facilitate Clemson Online’s outreach to faculty, producing new partnerships critical to the successful adoption of initiatives across the University. Similarly, OTEI alignment with the Provost’s Office provides ample intersections with the Graduate School to provide significant support to the University’s many graduate teaching assistants.

OTEI will continue to support the ongoing development of General Education and other initiatives, including global engagement, and grow its support of teaching to diverse students through collaborations with the Division of Inclusion and Equity and through Universal Design for Learning programming.

Both Clemson Online and OTEI will maintain their close collaboration with the academic colleges and the libraries, as well as the Watt Family Innovation Center, which supports many Online and teaching innovation events.

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